(Minghui.org) I felt uneasy when writing this article as I saw many fellow practitioners get depressed and fall far short of Master Li's requirements during Fa-rectification, reducing the number of sentient beings saved.

Facts on Cultivation During Fa-Rectification

My understanding of the situation of high-level Fa-rectification is that only a few practitioners escalate to the highest level and participate in high level Fa-rectification. Most practitioners do not reach that level, and aren’t aware of this. Otherwise, there would be more experience sharing articles on this topic.

Most of the practitioners stepping forward have not reached their innate highest levels, not to mention those who have not stepped out. The main focus should be how to enable the whole body of practitioners to move upward, catch up with the Fa-rectification progress, and solve these issues.

High Level Fa not Studied Well

What is the level of xinxing and realm of divine beings? Their xinxing levels and realm are not changeable because cultivation during Fa-rectification involves divine beings validating Dafa in the human world. It is on this basis that we validate Dafa. But many fellow practitioners drop out during the persecution, and the long cultivation in the human world (actually not long). This is a common phenomenon. These practitioners could number ten or twenty million or more.

How can we bring them back?

Over Ten Million Practitioners Not Stepping Forward

Only about one million practitioners are stepping forward to explain the facts about Falun Gong to everyday people, based on the statistic that the number of withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations is three million per month. But each practitioner who explains the facts should be able to convince more than three people to quit the Party each month. If we continue on like this, how many people can be saved?

Many practitioners are waiting. Why wait? Are we waiting for someone to sue Jiang? Waiting for Master Li to conclude the Fa-rectification?

If Jiang is tried in public, the time for practitioners to establish great virtue during Fa-rectification will be over. Even though everyday people know that Jiang is finished, many of them don't know the facts, because no one has told them. Only a small number of Chinese can go abroad. The current situation is that most people in China are busy with daily life. It is our responsibility to cooperate well and explain the facts to them.

Heaven’s Timing

I know that the timing of Heaven did not come before because the Fa-rectification of the cosmos was not done. The time has now come. Bringing back previous fellow practitioners cannot wait any longer. How many practitioners can step forward? The answer can be found in the total number of complaints filed against Jiang and the number of people quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations each month.

Saving sentient beings and returning to the levels that Master Li has arranged for us depends on the whole body of Dafa practitioners. Everyone needs to play a role. There is no other way, truly nothing else. We must be clear on this point. We must improve as a whole body.

Finding Fellow Practitioners Who Have Dropped Out with the Power of the Whole Body

Everyone should share their experiences on the Minghui website on this point. Having only a few articles on this issue won’t bring back the tens of millions of practitioners who have dropped out. The reason is that the sharing articles cannot have a bigger impact than Master Li's teachings. That is impossible. 

Master Li has taught us about this many times, including several clear statements. These practitioners may not listen to Master Li's teaching or pay attention to it, and live according to their  own wishes, as their understandings of the Fa and cultivation is limited to that of everyday people. What can the practitioners who step forward do to assist Master in the Fa-rectification? How can we understand the Fa and cultivate in the Fa? How can we save the maximum number of people?

Once practitioners drop to the human world and encounter difficult issues, it is hard to get over and could take years. We have extensive experience on this issue. The persecution is taking place in China. Patience is needed to bring back the practitioners who have dropped out. But this will take more than a few practitioners. It needs the power of the whole body.

Master Li Worries

Every time I see the photos of Master Li stepping into a conference hall, I see a look of worry and working hard. I did not understand initially. I recently realized that he worries for sentient beings, and for us practitioners who don’t understand the Fa enough and are unable to improve. The Fa-rectification will conclude at some point.

Master Li asked us to bring back previous fellow practitioners. If we know any, we should help them, because they are precious lives. If they cannot return to their world, the consequences for all the lives they represent is beyond imagination. We practitioners who are stepping forward need to spend some time on this issue, to bring back these fellow practitioners. It may take a month or two to solve their fundamental issues, so we need to have patience to accomplish this.

The number of practitioners who can step forward and meet the requirements of the Fa is another issue. The key issue is what we practitioners who understand the problem have done in this historical moment, and whether we do it, to assist Master in saving sentient beings.