(Minghui.org) Many practitioners' complaints were never received by the Supreme Court or Supreme Procuratorate. I think that means it's time to look within and discover our real motivation for suing Jiang Zemin.

Some thought of it as a way to improve in the practice. I heard one practitioner urging another to quickly file a lawsuit: “It's a great opportunity to improve yourself, and you won't get a better chance than this if you miss it.” This motive is selfish and wrong.

We are not suing Jiang just because that's what others are doing. We must have a good understanding based on the Fa teachings. It isn't for personal improvement. We should do it to help more people understand the truth of the persecution and be saved. It is a way to harmonize Teacher's arrangement and assist Teacher in Fa rectification.

The complaints we write carry the power of Fa rectification. Every complaint we mail out dissolves the evil beings and elements backing the persecution. The minute we eliminate all evil beings and elements, people will know the truth of Falun Gong and make the right choice to enter the future. Suing Jiang is not a means to improve any individual; it is a practitioner's selfless act.

Sure, Teacher will use different ways to help us improve as individuals, including the opportunity to sue Jiang. Teacher wants us to see how our hearts move when we do this: are we scared and hesitate to act, or are we helping Teacher in the Fa rectification unconditionally?

I also want to remind those who haven't done anything yet: You must be rational about this; decide what your motivation is and make sure it is pure, righteous, and selfless.