(Minghui.org) As I had been unable to conceive a child, my search for something to improve my physical health is what led me to Falun Dafa in 2007. Though my initial motivation was simply better health, the even greater and unexpected result of cultivating Falun Dafa has been a spiritual renewal and an upward journey.

Because I could not get pregnant, my husband tried to get me to agree to a divorce. While we were away from our home in early 2013, my husband thought that he had lost face because of me, so he beat me in public.

He pulled me by my collar and tried to punch me, but he accidentally hit the wall instead. I felt as though I was being protected. People tried to stop him, but he tried to pour hot water on me and ended up hurting himself. Then he kicked me.

Although I was very upset when I got back home, I knew that crying was useless, so I did the Falun Dafa sitting meditation. I immediately calmed down and could sit cross-legged easier than before. I just studied Falun Dafa books, practiced the exercises and sent righteous thoughts over the next several days and did not get emotional.

Then, I realized that I needed to improve my xinxing. I let go of resentment and began to feel sympathy for my husband. One week later, he returned home.

I soon became pregnant. When I told my husband and his family, none of them believed me. They even doubted it when I showed them the doctor's report and only really believed it when my pregnancy began to show.

Because of my history of miscarriages, I should have stayed in bed during the first four months of my pregnancy. Instead, I did the Dafa exercises and studied Dafa books.

I was fine throughout my pregnancy, although my doctor was not optimistic because of my age and prior health condition. However, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

I'm so grateful for this and the many blessings of Dafa. I will be diligent in my cultivation practice.