(Minghui.org) Yan Ying was the prime minister of the State of Qi (which was founded around 1046 BC). He appreciated honesty and willingness to improve one's character.

The wife of Yan Ying's coachman peeked through the narrow opening of the carriage one morning and saw that her husband sat inside and commanded the carriage drawn by four horses with an air of complacency and pretentiousness.

After the coachman returned home, his wife asked for a divorce. The coachman asked why.

She told him, “Sir Yan is quite a bit shorter than you are. As the prime minister of the Qi State, he is well known among leaders of all the states. This morning I noticed how thoughtful and visionary he was, yet he always appeared modest and humble. You, his coachman are much taller, just serving as a coachman. Yet, you have displayed an air of satisfaction and contentment. That's why I want to leave you.”

The coachman took her words seriously and became more humble. Yan noticed this and asked him how come he had changed. The coachman told him what his wife had said.

For his honesty and willingness to change his behavior, Yan recommended him to the rank of imperial court officials.

Source: The Records of the Grand Historian by Sima Qian