(Minghui.org) I was touched upon reading the Minghui editorial Notice Regrading Suing Jiang. My first impression was of how compassionate Master is. I think the notice is a demonstration of Master's boundless compassion and safeguarding disciples. Why?

The lawsuit against Jiang is a test for Falun Dafa practitioners to choose between the path of the divine or that of everyday people. It is a testament to the over 175,000 practitioners who have filed criminal complaints against Jiang under the harsh environment in China. They are truly Falun Dafa practitioners during the Fa-rectification!

On the other hand, the persecution of Falun Dafa continues in China. Those practitioners having filed the complaints are the diligent ones in each place. If more practitioners can participate in suing Jiang, is this not the best support and protection that they can provide for the others? They have most likely not participated in the lawsuit because they have worries, difficulties or interference.

Master now gives another for practitioners to eliminate human notions and cultivate. Such an opportunities will not come again and again in the future. Please treasure it!

I believe that the notice is also Master Li's tacit approval for those who file complaints with their real names, and direct confirmation of the progress of suing Jiang.

The wave of suing Jiang is surely a strong blow to Jiang's faction. Even though they might behaved in a crazed fashion during their final days, they cannot change their destiny. Master Li taught us in Rectifying the Fa in Hong Yin (III),

“When Heaven wishes for change,who'd dare obstruct?The cosmos, now rebuilt,will never again turn bad.”

The impact of suing Jiang is broad. In China, many officials in the judicial system and many everyday citizens have come to learn about the persecution and the nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The lawsuit has also caught attention in the international community. Many politicians and well-known figures have expressed their admiration and support for the efforts to bring Jiang to justice.

Master Li is compassionate. He advises us that we need to pay attention to our safety in the face of the persecution in China. Letting go of the attachment to life and death while suing Jiang or reporting his crimes does not mean we should ignore our personal safety.