(Minghui.org) Teacher talked in his lectures about the importance of studying the Fa as a group.

In my understanding, it is inappropriate if we are drowsy or doze off when we study the Fa together. Every practitioner who has seen this or displayed such behavior should look within for where they have gone astray in their practice.

A practitioner from our area went to a group Fa study in another area. We were told that every practitioner picked up the book with both hands, gave it the respect it deserved, and positioned the book in front of the chest. They were very focused and sat with their legs double-crossed and backs straight.

I was amazed to read, after listening to the practitioner's suggestion, what Teacher said about this subject.

Teacher said:

“At that time, when students went to school, they practiced sitting in meditation and emphasized good posture. When they picked up their brush-pens, they would regulate their breathing and qi. All professions believed in emptying the mind and regulating the breathing, as this was the state throughout society.” (Zhuan Falun).