(Minghui.org) I practice Falun Dafa. My colleagues and I have witnessed the wonders of the practice. Each time I met with a dangerous accident at work, I safely escaped.

In 2009, two co-workers and I were mining for coal 200 meters underground. We had finished work for the day and got into the lift that was supposed to take us up.

As we were going up, we heard a loud explosion above us. A big fire then appeared and started moving down the tunnel. The lift was only a meter away from the pit wall, so there was no way to avoid or escape the fire approaching us.

At that moment, I shouted, "Master, please save us! Master!" Immediately, the fire vanished! We were saved.

Another time, my colleague and I were going down the coal mine when we noticed water pouring into the pit about 100 meters underground. I pulled the alarm to notify the people above to stop lowering us, but the alarm did not sound. We continued to go down rapidly.

When the lift reached the water, my colleague and I grabbed onto the electric cables at the pit wall and got out. The lift went deep into the water.

The cables were very slippery to hold on to. I knew no one could help us except Master, so I shouted, "Master, save us! Master, please save us!"

We could no longer hold onto the cables and started going down the mine. When we had almost reached the water, the lift suddenly stopped and began to move up instead.

As soon as the lift came out of the water, my colleague and I jumped in. The lift kept moving up until we reached the surface.

When we told our co-workers at the surface what had happened, they were all shocked.

To express my gratitude, I could only tell Master from the bottom of my heart that the only thing I could do to repay Him for saving my life was to practice Falun Dafa more diligently.