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I am 21 years old. I would like to share my cultivation experience after arriving in Canada.

My Restless Heart Found Refuge in Dafa

I arrived in Montreal in April 2013. I still remember how overjoyed I was, from deep inside my being, when I first participated in Falun Dafa Day. On that day, I made up my mind to cultivate myself well, since I had been away from Dafa for too long. For the previous ten years, I had been an ordinary person. It was necessary for me to hurry to catch up. It was not a surprise that I would have many more tribulations than those who have steadfastly walked their cultivation path.

Having been immersed in the big vat dye of ordinary people, and not following the Fa principles for years, I had become very impetuous. When I first arrived, I had difficulties getting accepted into universities, so my wandering heart was even more restless. Zhuan Falun was right there on the desk, but I did not remember when I touched it last. I could not let go of my attachment to going to school. All of my karma which should have been eliminated through cultivation over the years surfaced. It felt like a big mountain over me and prevented me from studying the Fa.

Luckily, shortly after I arrived, quiet a few of my family members who are also Dafa practitioners came to Canada, and we were able to have a cultivation environment within our family. At first, my mother had to force me to study the Fa. Gradually, as I was studying the Fa, the black stuff within me was eliminated, and I was able to focus my attention on the Fa. When my heart was filled with the Fa, I let go of my attachment to going to a university. Then in May 2014, I received the letter of acceptance from McGill University.

I felt settled after I was accepted into the university. Soon, I joined the Nine Day Falun Dafa class for young people, from which I benefitted greatly. The coordinator required us to memorize the Fa, and the class was also extended for the whole summer for group study and exercises. During that period, everything went smoothly for me, including Fa study, exercises, musical instrument practice, and helping with other projects. I was immersed in the Fa and I had no worries. Every day I was happy and felt fulfilled.

When school started, I became busier. I left home and lived on my own. At first, I studied the Fa every day and tried to memorize the Fa as well. Every day I was doing better at the fifth exercise. After a while, I started to look for excuses for myself. I had a lot of homework and exams. I gave up memorizing the Fa first, then tried to make up when I didn't study the Fa the night before. In the end I went to sleep without doing any Fa study, and didn't feel there was anything wrong with it.

In December, I talked to my cousin, who is also a practitioner, about my situation. I suddenly enlightened that I must change my state of mind. I cannot slack off in my cultivation. The following day was Sunday. Everyone was participating in door-to-door delivery of the Shen Yun flyers. I did not plan to go because I had an exam on the following Monday for a course that I had not done very well in, even though I had studied very hard for it. However, after sharing with my cousin, my divine side took over and put aside my excuses and attachments. I spent the entire day delivering flyers. Master was with me and protecting me, as I didn't feel cold or tired. Instead I felt warm and comfortable. On Monday I went straight to my exam and got an A for the course.

I learned from this experience that we can balance school, personal cultivation, and what Dafa practitioners should do. We should be good students, and even though we have put in much effort, we should not be attach to the results. When we are called upon to do what Dafa practitioners should do, we should treat it as priority. I understand that Dafa gives us wisdom, and that we should trust Master and trust the Fa, and I can even say that "our abilities are given to us by Dafa," in the back of my mind, yet I became pleased with my "smartness." When school got busy, I found excuses not to study the Fa or do the exercises. I thought this was acceptable.

In April 2015, I moved back home for a variety of reasons. Looking back, I am grateful for Master's mercy to arrange for me to go back to a cultivation environment with my family. Many members of my family are practitioners. I was lucky enough to be born into such a family. I am ashamed of myself when I was prevented by my attachments or black material from studying the Fa with a calm mind, and did not live up to Master's protection and arrangements. When I was little, my grandpa taught me poems from Hong Yinand articles from Essentials for Further Advancement, which I could memorize. Now, when I am reading those passages that I memorized, my eyes are filled with tears. I feel ashamed that I am not even as good as when I was little. But feeling ashamed is not enough in cultivation. I need to improve, instead of giving up on myself. That would really be bad and shameful. I would not be able to face Master and the sentient beings in my world. With a good cultivation environment at home, the energy field is different. As soon as I sit down to study the Fa, I become calm and I am able to absorb the Fa. Having lived away from my family, I realized that it was easy for me to slack off without being urged by my family. I therefore cherish this environment even more.

As soon as I returned home, tribulations came. Simply put, we were enduring financial hardships, and we could barely survive. And it was pretty tough. Back in Beijing, I was very satisfied in terms of materials. I could afford whatever I wanted to do. However, the fortune I had as an ordinary person was definitely not a good thing for my true self.

When my mother told me that she had been laid off, I was calm and I said to her, "It is a good thing." But this was another test for our family.

Master pointed out,

“Some people find their tribulations very big in cultivation practice, but actually they are not. The bigger you find them, the bigger they will become and the smaller you will become. If you do not care and do not put them on your mind, with the Master and the Fa here what is there to fear? As long as the green mountains remain, there is no fear of having no firewood to burn. Ignore them! Once you give them up, you will find that the tribulations have become smaller and you have become bigger. You will overcome them in one step, and the tribulations will become nothing. It is guaranteed to be this way. If one cannot overcome them, it is actually that he cannot give up the attachments or does not believe in the Fa.” (Lecture in Sydney)

As I studied the Fa more often, I felt that I was able to let go and leave everything to Master and the Fa. I never thought about escaping from this hard life and going back to my "good" life in China. Although our tribulations appear insurmountable, I am bigger than them. I strengthened my righteous thoughts and became stronger. I don’t make too much of it. When it does not affect me as much as it is supposed to, I have passed the test. I believe the hardship I am experiencing is my fortune.

I am grateful that Master is looking after me. Since we have obtained the Fa, as the saying goes, “Having heard the Dao in the morning, one can die in the evening..” (“Melt in the Fa,” Essentials for Further Advancement) It's no problem to suffer some hardship. We should treat "hardship as joy" (“Realms,” Essentials for Further Advancement). Isn't that a good thing?

As soon as "On Dafa" was published, I accessed the Minghui website. When I read "Dafa is the wisdom of the Creator," I was shaken. I felt that my capacity was enlarged. I could feel the excitement deep inside my being. I realized that I must constantly rectify myself and shoulder the responsibilities as a Dafa practitioner, and walk on the divine path steadfastly.

I learned and kept in mind "On Dafa" as often as I could. Before I read it, I showered and changed. It's my understanding that we should groom ourselves before we study the Fa. Master has said, we should be "full of great aspirations while minding minor details." ("Sage" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Ancient Chinese people fasted, washed themselves, and changed (before they did anything important). In front of this tremendous Fa of the universe, we should show the respect that it deserves. I set aside a period of time to memorize "On Dafa." Towards the end, I was so touched that I had difficulties breathing. I told the beings in my world to calm down before I recited the last sentence, "And any cultivator who is able to become one with Dafa is an enlightened one—divine." (“On Dafa”)

When I stood up afterwards, I felt that I was light-footed. Master said,

“They will distinguish the righteous from the evil, obtain true teachings, lighten their bodies, enhance their wisdom, enrich their hearts, and board the boat of the Fa, sailing smoothly. How wonderful! Strive forward with every effort until Consummation." ("Enlightenment" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

I was born into the Fa. I had a very pure heart when I was introduced to Dafa. I think that my eagerness to memorize “On Dafa” was the feeling of “cultivating as if you were just starting.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference”)

I started to memorize it on my way to school and to the Divine Land Marching Band practice. The more I recited it, the stronger my righteous thoughts became and the more steadfast I became.

Be a Fa Particle in Dafa Projects

I am a member of the Divine Land Marching Band. I joined it three months after I arrived in Canada. Participating in projects is also a cultivation process for me. My first parade was on June 24, 2013. That was three years ago, and I still remember it very vividly.

I had been part of the band for only a month when we went to the parade. I was playing the kettle drum. It was a difficult experience. The rain was pouring and I had to send righteous thoughts all the way to be able to finish the parade. From that point on it got easier and easier. I thought I played the drum very well and I felt pretty good about myself when I put on the uniform and marched in the front section of the band. When I realized this attachment to showing off, I tried to focus on playing while rehearsing or performing, not on showing off my skills or myself. When practicing, the drum sounds pretty boring, but my mind is becoming calmer. When I attend a parade, every time I hit the drum, it looks like a lotus blooming.

As soon as I eliminated my attachment to showing off, I was asked to play the cymbals for someone else in three parades in 2014. They felt so heavy. However, with perseverance, I felt the strength of playing the cymbals. I could feel that in other dimensions, it was very powerful. I was filled with righteous thoughts for the Divine Land Marching Band.

I was then handed the trombone. Although I had studied music for some time when I was younger, I had forgotten much of it. Besides, this was a brass instrument that I had never learned to play. I was very resistant. But as soon as I gave it a try, it sounded okay. I could do the scales. With practice, I got better. My musical knowledge and sense came back to me, and I have very good hearing skills. I believe that this was given to me by Dafa so I could be more supportive of the project. A month later, I played the trombone in a parade in Toronto. I didn't think that I had any talents, but I kept practicing, at least two hours a day. I learned four songs in a month and was able to become familiar with other tunes.

I have been playing the trombone for almost a year now. Practitioners in the band all know the important role the trombone plays, and I am also seeing its impact on the overall performance of the band. So I asked myself to practice more, ensuring six hours of practice on my own before I meet with the rest of the group. I have played several instruments in the band and now trombone has selected me. Every time I had to change instruments, it was out of the need of the band. I had to let go of self in order to truly be a Fa particle. Our instruments are our implements. I treat them as if they are alive. After practice, I clean the mouthpiece carefully, wipe the slider, and oil it until it is shiny. I am sure it is happy about this.

The trombone must have been proud of me for the progress that I made in my practice and during the parades. I also feel happy for its existence. In fact, I tried once, while no one was looking, to play the French horn, as I remembered that when I was young, a music teacher thought I had talent for it. I did a good job. I thought to myself, “So my teacher was right. I did have talent for this.” I then wanted to switch to playing the French horn. I subsequently had several dreams, each of which involved the trombone. I realized that Master was dropping some hints for me, to let go of myself, and harmonize with the project.

The other project that I am involved in is broadcasting for Sound of Hope. When I first started, for a 15-minute program, I had to spend a few hours on it, and I had one crisis after another that evening. It was with the assistance of a fellow practitioner that I was able to upload the program by midnight. Later on, I required myself to study the Fa for at least one hour before I started working on the task. Now I can complete the task within two hours. Getting the job done is a cultivation process. We have to be very accurate with time for this job. My program has to be exactly 15 minutes, no more, no less, as it impacts on the length of other programs, causing inconvenience for other practitioners. I usually had to spend a lot of time editing the file in order for it to be exactly 15 minutes. This could sometimes be very frustrating in order to get it right. Once, as I carried out the task in a normal manner, it was exactly 15 minutes, without any adjustments needed. My tears flowed.

The Fa is so boundless, “...all that exists owes to it, with nothing outside of it.” (“On Dafa”) I enlightened to the deeper meaning of this sentence.

Cultivating in Dafa projects, I have gradually come to understand the responsibilities and glory of being a Fa particle. I also enlightened that I cannot let up in personal cultivation, in order to be able to cooperate with other practitioners in Dafa projects. My involvement in Dafa projects has helped with my personal cultivation. I have become more and more steadfast, and in turn, am able to harmonize with Dafa projects. I am determined to be a dignified young Dafa practitioner, do my job well and improve, so I can walk my divine path faster and better.

The above is my cultivation experience in the past year. Kindly point out anything that is inappropriate.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!

(Presented at 2015 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)