(Minghui.org) According to insiders, Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai has carried out physical examinations on detained Falun Gong practitioners every December since 2010. The examinations are performed in a specific vehicle from Shanghai Prison General Hospital.

Practitioners took the exams along with inmates from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, while all other inmates were given separate examinations.

A complete physical examination was given to practitioners, which was much more extensive than the examination given to regular inmates. They take a blood sample, give a chest exam (ECG), as well as run an ultrasound of the kidneys, liver, cardiac system and gallbladder. Each practitioner also had a picture taken after the medical exam. It is said that the same examination was performed in Shanghai Women's Prison.

Practitioners are generally mistreated severely at Tilanqiao Prison. They are held in a small area of 3.3 square meters for a long time, facing the wall with their hands behind their back. They are physically abused by being forced to sit on a 10-centimeter-wide coil for 18 hours daily.

I wonder if there are ulterior motives behind the comprehensive physical examinations at Tilanqiao Prison and whether they may be related to organ harvesting. I hope that the public will pay attention to this situation.