(Minghui.org) Three major Falun Gong materials production sites in my area were recently forced to cease operation. Police had been monitoring practitioners volunteering at the sites and eventually broken in and shut them down. The practitioners were arrested, but luckily most of the equipment and printing materials had been moved safely in advance.

Facing these setbacks, we have been sending forth righteous thoughts and reflecting on why this might have happened. Below are my understandings on how we could do better in the future.

Large-scale materials production sites have become a target of the police. Master has repeatedly told us to set up smaller, household-level production sites everywhere. Some practitioners say that they prefer large-scale sites so they can supposedly save more people, but often have a hidden attachment of validating themselves instead of the Fa.

When a local coordinator encouraged others to set up small-scale production sites, one practitioner responded, “If everyone produces materials in their home, what should I do?” Another practitioner complained that family-based production sites struggle to make high-quality Dafa books.

We know that home-based production sites can produce high-quality Dafa books, although sharing technical expertise between practitioners would likely be required and to a much greater extent.

However, large-scale production sites have their drawbacks too. The biggest problem is that so many practitioners go in and out of them, and some don't pay enough attention to safety. Police usually monitor a materials production site for a long time before taking action.

The three sites in our area were each monitored for at least three months. A practitioner at one of the sites had to operate eight printers day and night. As a result, he was unable to calmly study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts.

Practitioners were alerted that something was wrong when a practitioner who went to to distribute materials did not come back that night. Worried that the practitioner had been arrested, others decided to move the equipment and printing materials to a different place. The apartment had printing materials all over the place, and it took eight practitioners an entire day to move them. There was also tens of thousands yuan at the apartment. If police had confiscated these resources, it would have been catastrophic.

By insisting on having large-scale production sites, these practitioners have probably not followed Master's Fa. They could have also prevented other practitioners from getting involved in volunteering at the sites.

After the sites were destroyed by the police, some practitioners said that they had thought about shutting down the large-scale production sites, but it was easier said than done.

As practitioners, we need to keep in mind that our xinxing improvement is the most important, and that improvement is not simply about printing a large amount of materials. Some practitioners at these production sites also go out to distribute the materials, and even contact other practitioners by phone discussing where and when to meet. Acting like this has created safety risks for all practitioners involved.

Practitioners, like myself, who do not participate in these sites could also do better. For example, some practitioners rely too much on these sites and complain when the materials are not ready. Such dependence and negativity is something the old forces can take advantage of, using an excuse such as, “Let's see how you are going to save people now that these practitioners have been arrested.”

I think the best and safest way is to follow Master's words and establish small-scale material production sites. If some practitioners want to provide financial support, such funds can be put into setting up more family-based production sites.

When we do things in a righteous and rational way, more people will be saved.

These are my personal opinions. Please point out anything that is inappropriate.