(Minghui.org) I was a middle school language teacher. After the start of the persecution of Falun Gong, I was forced to leave my teaching post. I later became a tutor in a tutoring agency.

As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, I understand Master has arranged for me to save more children in a broader environment, and not just be restricted to a classroom.

Under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), our children grow up in the midst of evil, with their every thought tightly controlled and bombarded with Party and human notions.

The children who come to the tutoring agency range from second grade to high school. Looking at the disparity in ages and family backgrounds, I realized that, in order to awaken them, I have to be more attentive and innovative.

Using “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” to Enlighten Young Minds

I tutor mainly one on one. I discovered that these children are mostly interested in video games and comic books; and that their brains are typically filled with nothing but the flimsy contents from textbooks mandated by the CCP. They have no concept of deities or faith. When I would talk to them about how the CCP has put Chinese people through multiple political struggles, and when I would speak of the CCP’s persecution of Falun Dafa, these children basically had no reaction.

I was feeling a bit helpless. Distressed, I studied the Fa more intently.

All of a sudden, Master’s words popped into my consciousness:

“If an apple has rotted to the core and you just leave it there, does that work? When there are maggots crawling all over it, and it’s emitting a rotten odor, can you still leave it there?” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference”)

I decided to expound to them Falun Gong’s tenets of “Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance.” I gave them examples about this triple truth of the universe.

On the topic of “truthfulness,” I asked them to think about the difference in value between a real diamond and a piece of magnificent glass imitation.

On the topic of “compassion,” I asked them to think whether it is good and kind to offer someone an apple that has a rotten core or to throw the apple away.

On the topic of “forbearance,” I asked them to think what would happen if the small particles of iron and steel of a bridge decide not to continuously endure and bear the weight of all the vehicles that pass over it.

I often say to them, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are the characteristics of our entire world. Think what will be the final outcome of the CCP when it arrogantly challenges this truth of the universe, and when it brutally persecutes the good people who strive to live their lives in accordance with these universal characteristics. Isn’t the CCP digging its own grave?”

Slowly, the children awakened to the truth. With their minds cleared and their hearts touched, one by one, they would resolutely withdraw from the CCP’s Young Pioneers affiliation.

The Truth Behind the CCP’s Simplification of the Chinese Written Words

Master has said,

“Actually, as I've been saying for quite some time, the Chinese culture is one that gods have passed down among human beings. It is a semi-divine culture. That's why a lot of the elements of that culture have profound content. The languages and scripts of other ethnic groups, by contrast, do not exist in the heavens. The Chinese characters, though, are very similar to those in the heavens. The way of writing them is the same as it is in the heavens, but the combinations of strokes are different.” (“Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles”)

I would often use the Chinese written words to clarify the truth. I would tell the children that our traditional written words are very meaningful, and that Chinese people all over the world learned them and use them; except in Mainland China, where the CCP has purposely destroyed this ancient way of writing, replaced it with its simplified version, and enforced this version on all Chinese people.

The children would feel bad. “What a pity! Why would our government decide to simplify our beautiful and meaningful written words? How could our government erase our ancient culture?”

I would also tell them, “For the past five thousand years, Chinese people have always believed in the deities, and our culture and traditional writing reflect that. The CCP wants to control our minds and our thoughts. It wants us to trust only the Party and its interpretation of how things are and should be… ”

The children would become thoughtful, “So the CCP just destroys everything it deems disadvantageous to its power and control.”

I would answer, “You guys are so smart! The CCP is very sly. It enforces the simplification of our written words, surreptitiously erasing our traditional culture. When evidence of our faith is erased, when there is no point of reference to question or contradict, the CCP can easily control our thinking and belief.”

Unravelling the Knot of the Heart with Calm Persistence

In the process of clarifying the truth to the students I tutor, I realize that just because they have learned the truth does not mean they are saved. It’s far from a matter of course.

There was a cheerful and talkative sophomore student from a liberal arts school with interests in politics and history. During our tutoring sessions, we would cover a wide range of extracurricular topics.

We would discourse on the early history of the CCP's role during the Sino-Japanese war, the later Anti-Rightist Campaign, the Cultural Revolution, and the June 4th Tiananmen Square Student Massacre.

We talked about all the CCP’s terrorizing, murdering, and other evil deeds as means of controlling people.

I also shared with him books, videos, and other materials that expose the truth behind the CCP’s persecution of Falun Dafa, together with evidences of the lies and slanders manufactured by the CCP to frame Falun Dafa and to marginalize practitioners.

When I felt he had sufficiently understood the truth, I began to let him in on the immensity of the evil of live organ harvesting for profit.

Full of confidence, I persuaded him to withdraw from the CCP’s affiliated Youth League. I was surprised and puzzled that he did not respond with any reaction. It’s as if my efforts to explain and clarify with indisputable evidences had still failed to untie his tangled knots with the CCP.

He’s such a sensible child, how and where have I failed to touch his heart? I couldn’t help but ask him, “Don’t you think that harvesting organs from living people is cruelty way beyond human moral bottom line?”

His response was, “There have been a lot of cruel deeds committed throughout human history. Things like that have happened in foreign countries as well. During our own Ming Dynasty, such deeds were pretty rampant and serious. None has seemed to be such a big deal…”

It seemed that despite much time and efforts spent with him, I still did not succeed to open his eyes and untie the knot in his heart.

Master has told us,

“Even though they may be confused at the moment, or they may have lost their capacity to recognize truth or reality, owing to their concepts being warped by the Party culture over time, we still have to find ways to save them.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Manhattan International Fa Conference”)

The evil CCP has committed such heinous crimes against Falun Dafa, yet this child's heart was not moved. Was it because he still did not understand how precious Dafa is to the world and to himself?

During subsequent tutoring sessions, I continued to tell him stories about how Sakyamuni and Jesus Christ came down to earth to save people, and about how the morality of people all over the world have been raised after people started Falun Dafa cultivation.

One day, he suddenly blurted with a little excitement, “I’ve been studying history for many years. Today, I finally realized Buddhism and Christianity are about enlightened people coming to this world to save people.”

I said, “This is common knowledge outside Mainland China. The enlightened ones come to save humankind before the advent of disaster as a result of societal corruption of human society. The CCP does not want us to know about such noble deeds. Master Li Hongzhi spread Falun Dafa to raise social morality, teaching each of us to live life following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Over 100 countries have welcomed Dafa and have already benefited, only the CCP strives to viciously slander Buddha with intention to destroy Dafa. But what it is succeeding to destroy is your and my chance to have our souls purified and our priceless opportunity to be saved. This is no ordinary sin.”

My student’s facial expression changed, “Oh, this is indeed a serious problem. What should I do?”

I told him, “Renounce the CCP and withdraw from all its affiliates.”

He was happy and relieved. “Great!” He said, and allowed me to help him make an official withdrawal online.”

I was happy this student was finally saved.

Cleaning Out a Child's Contaminated Mind with Patience

When school reopened this year, there was a rising junior high student who had an active mind and was very keen on a variety of societal topics. I showed him photographs of the Tiananmen Square student massacre and of the persecution and tortures of Dafa disciples. I also shared with him evidence about the CCP’s corruption before and after it established its regime in China, about its cunning and immorality, and about its murderous ways against its own people.

The student was very interested, and always begged for more every time we had our tutoring sessions.

Before the summer vacation, he told me his family would be visiting South Korea. I told him that Falun Dafa is not only legal but also can be practiced openly in Korea. I suggested that he should observe and learn and broaden his horizon while in that country.

During our first tutoring session right after the summer vacation, before I could ask, the student told me with great emotion and excitement that he saw “a lot of Falun Dafa” in South Korea, that he took some informational brochures back to the hotel, and that he had read through all the materials.

I asked if he brought the materials home, he said, “I didn't dare. I just got rid of them. They are all anti-China. They are all trying to overthrow the Communist Party. China has a huge population, without the Communist Party, everything would be in chaos.”

To hear his childlike voice prattling CCP’s propaganda, I knew the poor child who had just gotten some slight clarity of thought was still being muddled by the CCP's overused clichés of so-called "stability maintenance," which probably came from his most trusted parents.

Being well aware that our tutoring sessions were coming to an end, I wondered if I still had enough time to save him. I couldn’t help but be a little anxious.

When I feel helpless, I rely on studying the Fa.

Master has said,

“… ordinary people naturally think that they should believe the government. Especially when the wicked CCP has always used lies to cover up its hideousness and used deceit to glamorize the state of things and its false heroes as a part of its evil regime, and having long lied to and duped people as such, it really is hard for Chinese people to tell true from false.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”)

I realized I was too obsessed with results. Since Master has arranged for me to save sentient beings, I should just concentrate on saving them without worrying about if they can be saved or not.

If the student's thinking was distorted, then, I would just look for where the problem lies and work on that.

I got out a map and pointed out to the student outer Mongolia, the northeast region, and the large tract of land to the north of Xinjiang that, from 1949 to 1999, Mao Zedong and Jiang Zemin had handed over to other countries under the pretext of maintaining national stability.

I asked the student, "Which action do you think brings more harm to our country? Peacefully and truthfully exposing a political regime’s persecution against its own people, or ceding nearly one-third of our national territory to foreign powers? Which one is more anti-China?"

The student bowed his head in silence.

I didn’t push him but gave him ample time to think. I did talk to him about the famous Chinese writer Lao She who was viciously attacked and driven to commit suicide in Beijing’s Qingnian Lake during the anti-intellectuals Cultural Revolution.

The student was familiar with Lao She’s fabulous literary works, so he was stunned to learn of the great writer’s tragic fate.

We talked about the years when the lives of a generation of youth were wasted, when the national economy was forced back several decades, and when over 77 million innocent people lost their lives.

The CCP since 1949 has imposed on the Chinese people about every ten years, one political campaign after another: the Anti-Rightist Movement, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, the June 4th Student Massacre, and now the Falun Dafa persecution.

I asked the student, "Would you say these CCP instigated upheavals are good for the Chinese people or for China's development? Are these turmoils the workings of anti-China forces?"

The student was speechless.

One time, I shared with the student an experiment on water that clearly indicates “water knows.” At our following tutoring session, he told me in great excitement that he found similar experiments on the Internet about how water that has received positive messages preserves fresh fruits much longer than water inflicted with vicious messages.

I expounded with him that everything has a spirit and that whatever people do, there are consequences. What kind of seeds we sow will reap what kind of fruits.

I talked to him about the calamities and sudden violent deaths that had befallen vanguards of Falun Gong persecution.

The CCP persecutes Falun Dafa that brings physical and mental health to hundreds of millions of people and raises their social morality, which have lead to the SARS outbreak in Beijing on 2003 and the tremendous and devastating rainstorm in and around the capital city on July 21, 2012.

"Teacher, all these are truly amazing."

“There are even more amazing things.” I opened my laptop and showed him photographs of the Udumbara flowers that blossom only once every several thousand years and of the stone with hidden words that clearly depicts the demise of the CCP.

The student whispered, "It seems that Falun Dafa is really telling us the truth, but how does one withdraw from the CCP?"

I then spent some time explaining to him in detail the different avenues that he and anybody can do to renounce the CCP and withdraw from its affiliates.

The student listened attentively and even took notes. I was happy and touched.

I believe that in each child’s heart and soul, there is a different lock. If we walk well the righteous path, Master will provide us with the right keys to open the locks and the children will be saved.

I am grateful to Master's compassionate salvation.

Thank you, Master.

Thank you, fellow practitioners.