Dafa is the Creator’s wisdom. It is fundamental to the creation of heaven and earth and the making of the universe, containing everything from the utmost macrocosmic to the utmost microcosmic, with different manifestations at different levels of celestial bodies. From the utmost microcosmic in celestial bodies to the emergence of the most minuscule particles, layers upon layers of particles are immeasurable and countless, from small to large, and then to those known to mankind at the surface level—atoms, molecules, stars, and galaxies—as well as even larger ones, particles of different sizes form beings of different sizes and worlds of different sizes that spread across the cosmic bodies. To beings on the particles at different levels, particles larger than theirs are indeed stars in their skies, and this is true at every level. For beings at various levels in the universe, this goes on and on, infinitely. Dafa also created time, space, the multitude of living species, and all the myriad things, including everything and omitting nothing. These are concrete manifestations, at different levels, of Dafa’s characteristics, Zhen, Shan, Ren.

       Mankind’s means of exploring the universe and life, however developed, are only peering at part of the dimension where human beings exist in the universe at a low level. In all the many civilizations that existed during prehistoric periods, humans explored other stars, yet however high or far they flew, they never left the dimension where humans exist. It is impossible for mankind to ever truly know the universe’s real manifestations. If humans want to understand the mysteries of the universe, time-space, and the human body, they can do so only by cultivating in a righteous Fa, gaining righteous enlightenment, and elevating their level of life. During cultivation, their moral character is improved as well, and as they distinguish between genuine kindness and evil, good and bad, and step beyond the human level, they can then see and come in contact with the real universe and beings at different levels in different dimensions.

       Humans’ explorations are for technological competition, on the pretext of changing the conditions of existence, and mostly are based on rejecting the divine and loosening the self-restraints of human morality, and thus human civilizations in the past were destroyed many times. Their explorations are limited only to the material world, and in approach, only when a thing has been recognized will it be studied. Yet for phenomena that are intangible and invisible in the human dimension, yet objectively exist and are actually reflected in human reality, including spirituality, faith, divine words, and divine miracles—people never dare touch on them because they have rejected the divine.

       If humans can ground themselves on a moral foundation and elevate their character and mindset, civilizations in human society will be long-lasting, and divine miracles will reappear as well in human society. In human societies of the past, semi-divine and semi-human cultures appeared many times, which enabled humans to elevate their true understanding of life and the universe. When humans can show due reverence and respect toward Dafa’s manifestations in the human world, it will bring happiness or glory to people, nations, or countries. Celestial bodies, the universe, life, and all the myriad things are created by Dafa of the universe, so beings that deviate from it are truly corrupt; the world’s people who are able to conform to it are truly good people, which at the same time will bring good returns, happiness, and longevity; and as a cultivator, once assimilated to it, you will be one who has obtained Dao—a divine being.

Li Hongzhi
May 24, 2015 

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