Dafa is the wisdom of the Creator. It is the very basis of the creation of heaven and earth as well as the formation of the universe; what it contains is both vast and minute to the extreme and has different manifestations within different levels of celestial bodies. From the most infinitesimal within celestial bodies to the emergence of the most microscopic particles, there are layers upon layers of immeasurable and countless particles, from small to large, all the way to the atoms, molecules, stars, galaxies, and even larger things that are known to mankind at the surface level — particles of different sizes form beings of different sizes, as well as the worlds of different sizes that are spread throughout the celestial bodies. To the beings that exist on the bodies of the particles at different levels, the particles that are larger than the ones at their own levels are actually the stars in their skies, and this is the case at every level. To the beings at each level of the universe, this is boundless and infinite. Dafa has also created time, space, the multitude of life forms, and all the myriad things, encompassing everything and leaving out nothing. These are concrete manifestations of Zhen, Shan, Ren, the characteristics of Dafa, at different levels.

       Mankind’s means of exploring the universe and life, no matter how developed, are seeing only one part of the dimension in the low-level universe in which humans exist. The many civilizations that appeared in prehistory all explored other stars and planets; yet however high or far they flew, they never went beyond the dimension in which mankind exists. Mankind will never be able to truly know the real manifestations of the universe. If humans wish to understand the mysteries of the universe, time-space, and the human body, the only way is through practicing cultivation in a righteous Fa, attaining righteous enlightenment, and elevating their level of being. In the course of practicing cultivation, one’s moral quality will also be raised, and as one comes to discern what is truly benevolent or evil, good or bad, and moves beyond the level of mankind, only then will one be able to see, only then will one be able to come into contact with the real universe and with the beings of different dimensions at different levels.

       Mankind’s explorations have been for the sake of technological competition, under the pretext of improving living standards; most are based on rejecting the divine and abandoning the self-restraints of human morality — that is why the human civilizations that appeared in the past were destroyed multiple times. Also, the exploration can only be limited to the material world, and in terms of the approach, only when something is recognized will it be studied. As for phenomena that are intangible and invisible in the human dimension, yet objectively exist and can actually be reflected in mankind’s reality — including spirituality, faith, divine words, and divine deeds — people never dare approach them due to their rejection of the divine.

       If mankind can elevate people’s conduct and thinking on a foundation of morality, only then will the civilizations of human society endure; miracles will then also reappear in human society. In human societies of the past, cultures that were half divine and half human also appeared multiple times, allowing mankind to elevate its true understanding of life and the universe. If humans can show due reverence and respect towards the manifestations of Dafa in the world, that will bring blessings or glory to the people, to the ethnic group, or to the nation. The celestial bodies, the universe, life, and all the myriad things have been created by the Dafa of the universe. A being’s deviation from It is true degeneration; a person who is able to conform to It is truly a good person, and this will, at the same time, bring good returns and longevity. As a cultivator, if you assimilate to It, you are one who has attained the Dao—a god. 

Li Hongzhi
May 24, 2015 

Original Translation
Second Alternate Translation