(Minghui.org) Before practicing Falun Gong, I was very career-oriented. I sought recognition, had many interests, and had an emotional nature. At work, I have a position with a lot of responsibility. Back then, I enjoyed the power.

I took advantage of my position by taking home products from our factory. I often argued with colleagues, and became difficult to deal with when people did not agree with me.

I had several abortions, which left me unable to become pregnant when I wanted a child. I tried for ten years and sought many treatments. Because I could not conceive, my relationship with my husband became strained, and we talked about divorce. He began abusing alcohol.

My in-laws blamed me for my bad marriage. They cited that I did not cook or do any housework, had a bad temper, and could not produce any children. They encouraged my husband to divorce me.

After I read the Falun Gong books, I understood why I should be a good person by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I subsequently became patient and considerate, and developed a respect for others. That's how I began to practice Falun Gong in 1996.

At home, I began to care for my husband and showed respect for my in-laws. I offered help to those in need, especially the disabled and elderly. I returned everything I took from the factory. I began to arrive at work early and stay late. I have been repeatedly recognized as a model worker.

I got pregnant a few months after I began practicing Falun Gong. I gave birth to a healthy boy and, later, a girl. My husband stopped drinking, and within a short time also took up the practice.

My relationships with my colleagues also became harmonious. When they have difficulties, they come to me for help, and I do my best to assist them. The employees now think of me as a family member rather than a boss.

"Falun Gong is great—it changed our supervisor!” they all say.

I Became a Good Neighbor

The railings in the stairway of our apartment complex had not been painted in more than two decades, and were rusty, so my family spent our own money and painted the railings.

Many neighbors said that Falun Gong practitioners always consider others first, and are willing to work hard for other people.

I told them the reason, “It is because our Master has told us to be selfless and to think of others first.”

Falun Gong Practitioners Are Not Ordinary

There was a severe ice storm in our area one winter, and there was no electricity or water in the area for quite some time, but we had running water in our home. One day I saw a 70-year-old man carrying two buckets on his shoulders.

“Grandpa, where are you going with those buckets?” I asked.

“I found a small well down the road. I am going to go fill my buckets there,” he said.

I told him the road was slippery and that he could come into our home and fill his buckets.

He was surprised and asked me why we had water when no one else did. I told him, "Because we are Falun Gong practitioners, and Master takes care of us."

"Falun Gong practitioners are not ordinary people," the old man said.

The news spread, and many people came to our home for water all day. I did not refuse anyone. Many people came again and again. To show their appreciation, some offered to pay for the water, and some wanted to give us gifts.

We refused to accept any compensation, and instead asked them to listen to us when we told them about Falun Gong and the persecution. They all quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They said that Falun Gong practitioners are not ordinary people.

Whenever we meet new people, my in-laws tell them that Falun Gong is great. My in-laws smile and say, “Falun Gong changed our daughter-in-law!