(Minghui.org) I'm a new student and it has been less than a year since I began studying the Fa. I'm grateful for having this opportunity to cultivate. It's been a wonderful year, though I have had challenges while entering this new road of cultivation.

At the start of my journey I was very excited, but since I learned of the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in China, it saddened me. Reading fellow practitioner’s articles were very encouraging and I was amazed how many progressed with diligence and righteous thoughts.

Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance seemed the best thing imaginable, and should not be taken for granted.

Since the start of my cultivation it was a big transition for me since the term cultivation was rather foreign to me. I had a sense of responsibility, so I decided I would start practicing immediately.

I was never disciplined so this is a big step for me. These principles were very profound and I knew this was exactly what my soul was searching for. From my past experiences I felt my life was heading downward and just the fact that I was able to find a way to get myself on the right track was very heartwarming. My family certainly has benefited, as well. I feel more in the moment when I’m around them, and do my best to live for others rather than myself.

I began sincerely studying and taking in Master's Fa teachings. I used to suffer from knee problems and other minor problems. After a week of reading the Fa, I haven’t had any difficulty moving about and all my physical symptoms disappeared.

In my work I had been reluctant to put my heart into my work at times, but since cultivating, I became happy doing any work. The work environment was very unhealthy with many constantly spewing vulgar language. I was determined into be calm and just focus on doing my work. Sometimes when I made a mistake a co-worker would yell at me. I tried my best to remain unruffled, but it still lingered in my mind. I knew this was incorrect, and I put more effort into upgrading my mind nature.

After a few months of practicing I had an encounter in my dream. I was in a facility where various organizations were holding some sort of show. Some people were trying to lure me in into hearing their teachings but I declined and said I came here for the Falun Gong organization. As I walked into the auditorium the show was about to start, I was far in the back and I saw many people on the stage and they were performing an act of martial arts and Chinese dances. I was very pleased seeing this. I knew it had to be a hint for something. Just a week after this encounter, I noticed an article about Shen Yun on Minghui. I was curious so I looked it up on YouTube and realized that the performances were those similar to the dream. At once I bought tickets for the show. They would be coming a month later to perform in Chicago.

At the start of the Shen Yun show it was a very serene environment and the show was unlike anything I've ever seen. It was truly heaven-like. I was seated at the far edge of the theatre. When I had my phone out, one of the local assistants noticed that my phone's wall paper display the Falun emblem and she asked how I’d heard of the practice. She was also a practitioner and was delighted to meet a new practitioner. I told her that I was in search for other practitioners and she told me she knew some near my area.

It was our predestined relationship that drew us together. Ever since, I’ve been determined to meet up with local practitioners weekly for Fa study and exercises. These weekly gatherings help strengthen me to proceed in doing whatMaster asks of us.