(Minghui.org) Ms. Li Ying, a 43-year-old music teacher at the Dagang No. 11 Elementary School in the Binhai New Area, Tianjin, was arrested at home by police officers and school officials on May 14, 2015. She has remained in custody since the arrest. Ms. Li was officially placed under arrest on June 18, 2015. She is being held in the Binhai New Area No. 3 Detention Center.

Li Yuxiang, Ms. Li's 15-year-old daughter, and Ms. Li's 79-year-old parents miss her greatly. They hope that she will soon be released and return home as quickly as possible. A few years ago, Ms. Li's husband passed away in a car accident, leaving Ms. Li, her daughter, and her elderly parents with no support.

On the morning of May 14, 2015, twelve police officers from the Tianjin 110 Emergency Response Unit, the Domestic Security Division, and the Banchang Road Police Station came to Ms. Li's home along with officials from the elementary school. They broke into the house and arrested Ms. Li. She was taken to the Banchang Road Police Station. Several days later she was taken to the Binhai New Area No. 3 Detention Center.

Inspired by Falun Gong

After she began practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Li became healthy and her illnesses disappeared. She took better care of her parents and treated others with kindness. She teaches her students about virtue and morality, and works diligently. Originally, Ms. Li taught at the No. 2 Kindergarten in the Dagang District. Her innovative teaching plans and reform initiatives won several national and municipal awards. She is known for her optimistic, cheerful personality, and responsible work ethic.

Ms. Li loves Shen Yun Performing Arts. She passes the traditional culture exemplified by Shen Yun on to her students. Several of her students have asked her for Shen Yun DVDs, which she always gives them for free. She does all this out of her devotion to the revival of traditional Chinese values.

However, her kindness was reported to the police by some parents who didn't understand the truth. The 110 Emergency Response Unit in Tianjin (similar to 911 in the United States) received reports over the hotline.

Years of brainwashing by Jiang's political group have deceived the public in China, sowing hatred toward Falun Gong in people's minds. In addition, traditional values and concepts, such good being rewarded and evil meeting with retribution, have been nearly destroyed under Communist rule.

Parties responsible for persecuting Ms. Li:Banchang Road Police Station: +86-22-63862397, +86-22-63310448, +86-22 25987334Dou Guangfa (窦广法), police officer: +86-13752527558, +86-22-25987334Gao Xiancun (高先存), police officer: +86-13920384657, +86-22-25987334Chu Congxin (初丛鑫), police officer, team leader: +86-13304110885Dagang No. 11 Elementary School: +86-22-63862133Song (宋), school CCP secretary: +86-13820631279Li (李), school principal: +86-15222405636