(Minghui.org) At the end of May, I went to the post office to mail a complaint letter to sue Jiang. However, the staff told me that they could no longer handle the complaints, and that during a meeting, their supervisors told them that they were not allowed to mail anything related to Falun Gong.

They suggested I try an express delivery service.

I did not want to pressure them, so I went to an express service to mail it. Afterward, when I phoned the customer service for the delivery status, I was told that they could not get into the Procuratorate. There was no choice but to leave the mail with building security without having it signed. They said that every day about a hundred such pieces of mail were brought there for processing.

I told him that if the building security refused to sign and accept it, then the carrier should bring the letters back and return them to us. I asked him to have my letter returned to me.

I later happened to come across a sharing about how practitioners managed to successfully mail out the letters. After reading it, I realized that this was not a simple matter of mailing a letter, but rather a process of clarifying the facts to people and saving sentient beings.

Therefore, I decided to call the director of the post office. I was happy when I managed to get him on the line. “We should not just blindly follow orders,” I told him. “Instead, we should think first and judge for ourselves whether something is right or wrong. Mailing my letter is your job and responsibility. If you refuse to do it, then you would not be fulfilling your responsibility or doing your job.”

I knew I had to be firm with him. “What I mailed out is a prosecution letter, and it's my right to sue someone,” I said. “When you try to stop me, you play the role of assisting the persecution, and you become part of it. This is not good for you. To tell you the truth, I can go to other post offices to mail my letter. However, if I do that, I am not being responsible to you, because I then would not have explained the facts about the persecution to you. Please mail this letter for me.”

The director asked me if other post offices were really mailing them. I told him they were indeed. “Practitioners from all over the country and people with a sense of justice are all doing this. Every day hundreds of letters are being mailed out. In fact, thousands letters have been mailed.”

After hearing this, he said that all he was concerned about was what his boss would say—he did not want to get himself into trouble. I told him: “Your boss would not come look for you. Your boss knows clearly that he is doing things against the law; he probably just had no choice.”

He finally understood and said that he would not stop us. As long as his staff took our mail, he would not intervene.

So I went to the post office the next day and mailed four letters. When the staff saw my letter, she realized it was a prosecution letter. She asked me whether my one letter would make any difference. I said that if all of us knows clearly who Jiang is, and everyone prosecutes him, then it would have a great impact. Only when we bring him to justice, can our Chinese people's morality be elevated.

She asked me if I paid for the postage myself or if I would be reimbursed later. I said that I was one of the victims, so I had to bear the expense.

I said, “As long as we keep it up, we will be successful.

During the process of mailing the letter, I have come to feel that Teacher has arranged everything. In this way, the situation is an opportunity for us to cultivate ourselves and save sentient beings. We should not back down, and neither should we take a roundabout way—rather, we should use this opportunity to elevate.

Suing Jiang is certainly not about going through the motions. We should treat every step in the process with the utmost seriousness.