(Minghui.org) 235 Falun Gong practitioners and their families from Li County, Hebei Province have filed complaints with the Supreme Procuratorate against former dictator Jiang Zemin during June and early July 2015, for initiating the persecution of Falun Gong.

These plaintiffs however, subsequently received unexpected visits from local officials and police.

Officials Tong Tiegang and Yan Zhiguo from Daqudi Township visited five practitioners in their jurisdiction, one by one, on July 8, 2015.

Chen Xiaocui, Duan Xiaoxin, Song Xiaopu, Guo Suying, and Qi Ruilian were pressured to reveal who drafted the criminal complaints against Jiang. Each of the practitioners was forced to sign a prepared statement denying that they had filed lawsuits against Jiang.

When practitioners in other villages or townships admitted that they had filed complaints against Jiang, their respective officials told them, “Just say you didn't do it, and then sign this paper.”

When some practitioners refused this request, local officials tried to coerce the practitioners' family members into signing the form and denying that the lawsuit was filed.

Parties involved the persecution:Zhang Yuexian (张跃贤), director of Li County 610 Office: +86-13633228299 (Cell), +86--312-6211103, +86--312-6215541, +86--312-6235800Tian Lihui (田丽辉), deputy director of Li County 610 Office:+86-15030261998 (Cell)Fan Zhaoping (范兆平), deputy director of Li County 610 Office: +86-13582376366 (Cell)Chen Chunxia (陈春霞), Party secretary of Li County: +86-18932669777 (Cell)Shi Laishun (史来顺), head of Li County: +86-13630855666 (Cell)Liu Jianli (刘建立), deputy Party secretary of Li County: +86-13833003666 (Cell), +86-312-622636, +86-0312-8915798 (Home)