(Minghui.org) When the persecution of Falun Dafa began, other practitioners and I would go out to distribute informational materials about Dafa and the persecution well into the night, sometimes going without sleep. However, the situation is improving, and now we openly distribute materials during the daytime.

I bought an electric tricycle and have been visiting neighboring villages to inform people about the persecution. Through this endeavor I have been able to improve my cultivation state, and our efforts to clarify the facts have extended to a 10-mile radius around our village.

I began practicing in the spring of 1998. Just like many other practitioners, I recovered from multiple ailments and became healthy.

Working Together at Night

Local practitioners worked together well into the night to distribute informational materials when the persecution first began. One practitioner would get the materials from another city and then pass them to me. I then distributed them among other practitioners, who would then distribute them for people to read.

We transported the materials in a cart that we covered with vegetables. The police questioned us before, but we just told them that we were out selling our produce.

Producing Our Own Materials

We were fortunate to be given a photocopier to produce countless copies of informational materials well into the night. Before I got my tricycle, I would happily walk for up to six miles handing out the materials.

When I eventually got my tricycle, I had an interesting experience. When I was about two miles from home, the battery seemed like it was going to give out. I was determined to keep riding until I got home. When I got home, I discovered two of the tires were flat, even though I had just been riding it for miles.

Talking to People about the Persecution

Over the past several years we've become very familiar with the local businesses, restaurant owners, and street vendors, and they've all learned about the persecution. We've written messages about the persecution on paper bills, and estimate that over 30,000 yuan are in circulation in our local area.

I once came across a butcher telling his customers that he got swindled out of 4,000 yuan. I used this opportunity to say, “This is the result of a belief in atheism that is promoted by the Chinese Communist Party. People will stop at no evil when they don't believe in karmic retribution.”

When I had everyone's attention, I started giving them informational materials about Dafa and the persecution. It wasn't just me actively giving out the materials, but people were coming up and asking for them.

Taking Care of the Village Party Secretary

I live quite close to the Party secretary of our village. In China, all villages have a Party secretary that acts as a kind of monitor to make sure everyone is complying with the dictatorship. We had spoken to this fellow about the persecution before.

A practitioner that I was with was reported to the authorities, and we found out that our homes were scheduled to be searched the following Tuesday.

We bumped into this village secretary, later who told us, “Pay no attention to those police reports. No one is going to search your homes, because the police here know they'll be held accountable in the future for participating in the persecution.”

Master said:

“So in other words, you mustn’t let up in saving sentient beings, and you need to do better, and save more people, since doing this is simply critical and in fact terribly important.” (“Be More Diligent”)

We must seize the time to save more people, after all, we are Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period.