(Minghui.org) Master teaches us:

“What is owed must be paid for. Therefore, some dangerous things may occur in the course of cultivation practice. When these things take place, however, you will not be scared, and neither will real danger be allowed to happen to you.” (Zhuan Falun)

I am a testament to what Master has promised.

One hot summer day, I rode my bike in a rush to get home by noon. When I went around a sharp turn at the corner of my apartment building, I did not see the young man resting against the wall with his bike beside him. The man had a two-meter-long metal fork fastened to his bike. The fork had four long spikes, which all faced me at this point.

Sensing that someone was approaching, the young man realized he had to move because the lane was too narrow. But he was too late—just as he started to move his bike, I slammed into him! Because of the momentum, the metal fork thrust into my left arm. I looked down and saw that one spike was in my left forearm; the other spikes were in the space between my arm and abdomen, only 7-8 centimeters away from my stomach!

My mind went blank. The only thing I remember was that I said, “I am okay,” and I immediately pulled the fork out of my arm. I was not scared, nor did I feel any pain. Surprisingly, my arm did not bleed, but a piece of flesh was pulled out and was still connected to my arm. The spikes were rusty and filthy, and the wound looked dirty.

Balancing my bike with the hand of the wounded arm, I covered the wound with my other hand. Worried and scared, the young man offered to take me to a hospital. I had already calmed down, and told him, “I will be fine. You may go.”

I pushed my bike back home, and then went to the hospital to have the wound cleaned. The doctor told me to remember to take anti-inflammatory drugs or the wound could get infected. I smiled at him and said, “I will be fine.” I did not get the drugs.

Before practicing Dafa, my home was like a mini-pharmacy filled with various types of medicine. After I began practicing Dafa, however, I no longer had to take any medications because my illnesses disappeared.

I used to suffer from vertigo as a result of the complications and blood loss during labor. Whenever the vertigo recurred, I could not go to work for several days. However, the vertigo went away after I became a practitioner.

I could not be more grateful to Master. Without Master's protection, I would have been severely injured if the fork had entered my abdomen. Master shielded the attack for me, so I was safe. Master has done so much for us!