(Minghui.org) Minghui.org has recently published many articles about Dafa practitioners filing criminal complaints against Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin for his role as architect of the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa.

Master said:

“...all of humanity should sue it. It has harmed all Chinese people, as well as many people in other regions all over the world. So many people are going to be dragged into Hell because of its lies.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference”)

After reading Master's words, my husband and I realized that it was time to sue the head demon responsible for the persecution of a hundred million Falun Gong practitioners. My husband immediately wrote a criminal complaint and mailed it out.

Everything went smoothly for him. I, however, had many human thoughts and worries. Fearing trouble and persecution, I had not even started writing mine.

On the night my husband mailed his complaint, I had a dream. In the dream, three people came to my house, wanting some pesticides, or poison. I would not give it to them. They said that they were sent by my father. I still did not want to give it to them until I could ask my father myself.

Waking up from the dream, I realized that it mirrored my thoughts on the matter of filing criminal complaints against Jiang—I was waiting for the tide. I wanted to wait for more practitioners to file their complaints first, so I could see how they did it and discuss it with them.

I realized that this was my deep down fear at play, and that I was wrong. Master was giving me this hint—isn't the head demon the poison? I should help remove it and keep up with the immense force of Fa-rectification.

Therefore, I started writing my complaint. Still, it took me three days to finish the draft because I had a lot of interference by way of human thoughts.

Just before I started the final copy, Minghui.org published news about several practitioners in Gansu Province being arrested while mailing their complaints. My thoughts and fears that had not been removed were thus stirred up again.

I assumed that all post offices nationwide must have received a notice to have anyone mailing a criminal complaint against Jiang be arrested. I was afraid to be arrested and lose my freedom. I knew that these thoughts were not righteous, and I knew that I must send the complaint because Master wants us to.

My husband was completing the final copy of my complaint for me so I could mail it out in the afternoon, but my human thoughts constantly surfaced. For example, I could not stop myself from organizing the house because I thought I might not be able to come back; I told myself I should eat a better lunch, and wear something that could provide a little more comfort in case I were arrested and persecuted. I constantly tried rejecting and disintegrating these thoughts, but they persistently returned, along with new negative thoughts.

This went on for several hours because my righteous thoughts were not strong enough. I realized that this was a battle between good and evil. I felt that my dimensional field was full of terror, reflecting the evil's madness before being disintegrated and eliminated.

Later, Master's Fa occurred to me: “Once you practice cultivation, you need to measure things with the Fa and hold yourself to a cultivator’s standards” ("Teaching the Fa at a New York Meeting" from Lectures in the United States)

So I asked myself, “Am I doing a bad thing by writing the complaint? No! I'm doing the most righteous thing, which Master has recognized.” I looked inside to search for elements of showing off, impulsiveness, not being on the Fa, or selfish concerns. Yet, I found nothing like that.

Then, why was I having such a hard time? I told myself I needed to commit my mind and no matter how great the difficulty, I must completely believe in Master and the Fa. With Master and the Fa here, I will only follow Master's arrangements and only acknowledge what Master has acknowledged.

I told myself: “Master did not arrange for me to be arrested. All such notions and human thoughts are not from the true me. This is evil interference caused by my postnatally-acquired notions; it is done by the dark minions and rotten demons in other dimensions using my human thoughts.”

Upon identifying my problem, I became enlightened to what I should do and firmed up my belief. I sat down to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad thoughts in my mind and the evil spirits as well as degenerate things that interfered with and hindered my suing the head demon.

After sending forth righteous thoughts for over an hour, I felt very relaxed, and the bad thoughts were gone.

My husband felt better, too. But while making the final copy of my complaint, he had to use the bathroom four times in three hours, and felt very repressed. The bad thoughts in his mind disappeared, and he was able to complete the complaint.

With righteous thoughts, we arrived at the post office in an open and dignified manner. Since my husband was familiar with the process, he offered to go in to do the mailing. I stayed outside to send forth righteous thoughts. Everything went smoothly except that the post office staff said. “New regulations starting today,” they said. “We now need the sender's ID number. It's required.”

Leaving the post office, I felt very relaxed and happy, as if a big burden had been lifted. I said in my heart, “Master, thank you! Without your merciful protection, I would not have accomplished anything!”

Today, I received a letter telling me that my complaint was filed at the Supreme Procuratorate.

It is my understanding that only by believing in Master and the Fa can one have powerful righteous thoughts to drive out and disintegrate degenerate things that interfere with us. No evil can stop us from accomplishing our sacred mission of saving sentient beings.

This concludes my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.