(Minghui.org) I have identified a common issue among practitioners–that of not having a calm mind. Many practitioners are not able to keep a calm mind while doing the exercises, studying the Fa, and sending forth righteous thoughts. Based on my observation, one of the reasons is not clearly identifying and addressing internal interference among practitioners.

1. Bringing up personal cultivation issues in Fa-study groups, where many practitioners like to “help” solve the issue

For example, one may ask the group, “My husband scolded me...what do you think happened?” Or “I had a conflict with my son. Please help me analyze the reasons.” Or “My family member is not cultivating diligently. What should I do?” All of these issues need to be resolved by measuring themselves against the Fa and searching within, instead of looking to others.

I knew a practitioner who always asked me to help solve her cultivation issues. Each time we talked, I had to spend several days to adjust myself. Master gave me hints many times to have her study the Fa and solve it on her own. However, the habit was hard to break. She developed a reliance upon me, and I had a mentality of showing off. It became significant interference.

In fact, this problem is very common. I have met several very good fellow practitioners who have fallen into the trap of “helping” other practitioners this way. Their showoff mentality and their attachment to fame have grown significantly, which put them in a dangerous situation. Two of them have passed away, and another was targeted by CCP agents as part of the persecution and arrested.

I think there are several reasons behind these events: these are all tests that each individual has to pass, and it wouldn’t count if one relies so heavily on help from others. If this keeps happening, the old forces will think that one has interfered with another's cultivation. It would cause danger for practitioners who like to solve others’ personal issues.

As a practitioner, we can't determine exactly what attachments others have, so saying something incorrect can easily accrue karma, negatively impacting our own cultivation. We are no longer new practitioners. Different time periods have different requirements. If we don’t pay enough attention to this issue, many good practitioners would be trapped here.

I have made mistakes in this regard myself. I have now corrected it and returned to my calm mindset. When I study the Fa well, I feel that my righteous thoughts are very powerful. I hope that fellow practitioners can all step up our vigilance on this issue.

Some coordinators worsen this situation by not doing things according to the Fa. I have seen this issue in my area, where the coordinator required local practitioners to help resolve a certain practitioner’s personal issue. Everyone discussed what he should have done, what his issue was all about, etc., and everyone thought they were helping others. They felt curious and excited, thus satisfying their human attachments.

2. How should practitioners help one another?

We are on the cultivation path of the Great Way Without Form. Everyone has his or her own path. Strictly speaking, fellow practitioners can't really help one another, because each individual’s level and realm are different. One wouldn’t be able to tell accurately what others’ attachments are. We should all focus on our own path, and cooperate with one another when needed in validating the Fa.

If a certain practitioner is not diligent enough, he or she can participate in group Fa-study and send forth righteous thoughts together. If his heart is on cultivation, he would be able to walk a path of his own. If this practitioner’s heart is not on cultivation, no matter how much we try to help him, it would still be useless. This would also, in turn, interfere with our own cultivation. Reminding one another to cultivate diligently and following Master’s teaching of “Compare in studying, compare in cultivating” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin) is the best help we can give to others.

I have no intention of blaming fellow practitioners. I merely feel that this has become a serious issue in mainland China that I should share. I hope practitioners will be mindful of this issue.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.