(Minghui.org) Many practitioners believe that the issue of having faith in Master and the Fa applies only during major tribulations, such as life-threatening sickness karma or significant xinxing tests. In the face of great difficulties, we usually remember to believe in Master and the Fa, knowing that Master will help us out.

We sometimes fail to remember however, to have faith in Master and the Fa when smaller tribulations are presented to us, such as colds or insomnia. For these smaller issues, we simply endure them without thinking twice about it.

As I see it, these minor troubles may indicate that we haven't passed our tests well, because even ordinary people can get over these things without taking any medication.

Master has planned for us to not only eliminate our sickness karma, but to also improve our xinxing in the process.

To that end Master has already borne enormous amounts of karma for us, leaving only a small amount for our cultivation. If we truly have faith in Master and the Fa, we will feel deeply grateful when we experience discomfort or hardships. We will feel ashamed for having committed bad deeds in the past, and be thankful for the opportunity to repay these debts.

If we instead mope and only hope to get it over with, then we will miss an opportunity to improve our xinxing.

As time drags on, we may even develop resentment and doubt, because of this attitude. It's no wonder that some practitioners quietly take medication, or seek hospital treatment. They claim that they do not want their family members to misunderstand Dafa, or that they are not at a high enough level to pull through the tribulation on their own.

The sickness karma is then pushed back inside their bodies. When it strikes at a later time, it may be even stronger, and require an even higher xinxing level to overcome. If we are not up to the challenge, we will stay in a vicious cycle of never fully paying off the karma.

In order to pass these tests, we need to maintain a righteous mindset and be grateful to Master for arranging such an opportunity to eliminate the karma. As long as we maintain a positive attitude towards Master's arrangements, we will be able to pass the tests.

Master told us, “Let joy be found in hardship” (“Tempering the Will” from Hong Yin), but some of us find it hard to enjoy enduring such hardships.

My understanding is that it doesn't mean we should enjoy the hardships themselves, but feel joyful for the achievement of having endured the hardship and improving in the process of doing so. Enduring hardship can eliminate our karma and repay our debts from previous lives.

So whenever we encounter tests, large or small, we should regard them as cultivation opportunities so that we can take further steps toward higher levels. We should truly feel happy and be grateful to Master.

As we identify and let go of our various attachments in the process of passing tests, we will become more confident in ourselves. Our faith in Master and Dafa will also become stronger and stronger. As our mindsets become more righteous and stronger, each subsequent tribulation will become smaller, and it will be easier for us to pass the tests.

I believe that truly having faith in Master and the Fa requires solid Fa-study. This faith is also reflected in every step of our entire cultivation.

It's useless to only pay lip service or make empty vows on the issue of having faith in Master and Dafa. We must guide our thoughts and actions with Dafa's principles at all times, no matter what type of tribulations may come our way.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out any shortcomings.