(Minghui.org) Not long ago, a series titled “Falun Dafa Practitioners in the Eyes of an Enlightened Being (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)" was published on the Minghui website. This caused lots of reactions among my fellow practitioners. Some said, “Wow, that god has been practicing cultivation for 1800 years! He's great!”

I think the author's intent was to show us the areas in which we needed to improve in our cultivation, so that we can let go of our attachments and keep up with the process of Fa rectification. I could tell that the editors and the author were cautious about these articles, as they repeatedly mentioned that we should use the Fa as our guide.

These articles were helpful for those who do not fully believe in Dafa and Master. But I am worried about the attitude towards this cultivator. Many practitioners completely accepted what he said. Therefore, I would like to remind those that do not understand cultivation practice that they should learn how to practice, how to study the Fa, and how to look inward.

Having said that, I don't mean that we should not accept others' suggestions. Actually, everyone can give suggestions, and we should improve if we feel that what they said is correct. However, the Fa has already told us everything. Now we have to study the Fa and cultivate ourselves. Studying the Fa and looking inward is cultivation, and, through this, we can improve.

If we get excited when we hear something from a cultivator who has cultivated for 1800 years, we will get even more excited when we hear from another cultivator who has cultivated for 3000 years. What if we hear something from someone who has cultivated for 10,000 years?

Can we go back to our true homes? Are we Dafa disciples? Dafa disciples are the best beings in the universe, because our Master is the greatest. Master gave us the best. All the gods in the universe think that we are lucky to have obtained Dafa. Do we really need to listen to other cultivators?

Let's cultivate diligently and improve together.