(Minghui.org) I read the article “Repentance of Security Officer in Chief” that was published on the Minghui website recently. Deceived by hate propaganda disseminated by the Chinese Communist regime, he participated in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and repented after he learned the facts about the practice.

This made me think of someone who holds the same position in my hometown. He is a kindhearted man who uses his position to quietly protect practitioners.

One day, his superiors ordered him to take a few practitioners from our village to a brainwashing center. He knew these practitioners were law-abiding citizens who respected their elders, lived in peace with their neighbors and did good things for the community. Thus he said to his superiors: “Don't worry about them. I will be responsible for their education.”

A senior officer came to inspect the village and saw Falun Gong slogans on walls, telephone poles and other places in the village. The security officer was asked to explain why he had allowed this to happen.

He answered: “It is not possible to watch practitioners all the time. The slogans were put back the moment I turned my back.”

Last autumn, this officer drove a car into the mountainous region, which overturned on a steep slope. It was as if something held up the car and he managed to get out unscathed before it rolled down the mountainside.

He told me that he often sees a white light shining on his roof at night. I said to him: “That is the Buddha light. Because you protect practitioners and have done good deeds, Buddha is watching over and protecting you and your family.”