(Minghui.org) The signature on the so-called evidence used to prosecute four Falun Gong practitioners at Feng County Court was actually the signature of the prosecutor Wang Wanfang. The prosecutors claimed that the evidence was legal regardless.

The Feng County Court in Jiangsu Province held a second trial against practitioners Mr. Li Yongjun, Mr. Ding Baoliang, Mr. Zhou Shenqi and Mr. Zhou Jinliang on March 17, 2015.

Attorneys Mr. Li Chunfu and Chen Jiangang from Beijing pleaded innocent on behalf of their clients and exposed the fabricated evidence.

The judge announced a two-minute recess. The two prosecutors did not provide any defense for the fabricated evidence. They pounded on the table, said that this should be the final trial and left the court.

The Feng County Court adjourned.

The first trial was held on March 3, 2015. The prosecutor was Wang Wanfang who signed the evidence. Since the indictment was riddled with errors and illegal procedures, the court adjourned. The Feng County Procuratorate replaced Wang Wanfang for the second trial.


Mr. Li Yongjun, Mr. Zhou Shenqi, and Mr. Ding Baoliang went to the Feng County Court on June 6, 2014, to appeal for his wife's release. Mr. Li's wife, Ms. Liu Qiaozhen, had been illegally sentenced to four years in prison by the Feng County Court and her case was in the middle of a retrial.

The practitioners were stopped on their way to the court and arrested by plainclothes officers who did not show any identification. The practitioners were first detained at the Feng County Police Department and then transferred to a hotel in Feng County. They were deprived of sleep for five days and verbally abused. The police also fabricated many interrogation memos and testimonies to frame the practitioners.