(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner from another region came to my area in 2014. He said he had a “TV interception” project to tell us about. I was surprised, as I thought that these kinds of projects needed high-level skills and secrecy. The well-known TV interception in Changchun was handled that way.

I later learned that the “TV interception” mentioned by the practitioner involved playing some programs about the persecution of Falun Gong by connecting a digital video player to a TV. It is similar to playing a movie from a DVD player. The practitioner said that the project had been very successful in helping people learn the truth.

I did not agree with using the term “TV interception” for such a project. But I did not say anything, as I didn't want to make a big deal out of a name.

I later met with other practitioners involved in the project and noticed everyone used the term “TV interception” for this project. In addition, the practitioners used cell phones to call each other to coordinate, which could be a security risk, and said that this was efficient.

They bought digital video players in bulk. They didn't remove the batteries from their cell phones when they shared experiences about the project with other practitioners. I didn't think it was right. However, everyone seemed to be fine for a while. I thought it might be because everyone had strong righteous thoughts.

But before long, I learned from an article on the Minghui website that all of the practitioners who were involved in the project had been arrested at almost the same time. The incident caused disruption among local practitioners.

The sharing of a practitioner in the area revealed that the authorities had been monitoring the cell phones of the practitioners involved in the project for a year before they were arrested. The term “TV interception” in conversation had prompted the police to listen in.

It was said that authorities in Beijing dispatched someone to handle the issue, and designated it as a major case. The communist regime illegally tried the practitioners involved in the project.

I felt that the frequent use of the term “TV interception” might be one of the reasons that led to this case of persecution. The mentality behind using the term might contain the fellow practitioners' attachment to showing off, liking compliments, or appearing grandiose.

Did these attachments lead to the persecution? I think that regardless whether it was truly TV interception being planned, every practitioner involved should be careful when discussing it. Calling the project “TV interception” might not comply with the xinxing requirement of Dafa. This is a sad experience. My writing this is not to criticize anyone, but to call everyone's attention to safety requirements when handling Dafa projects.