(Minghui.org) Many articles were published on the Minghui website about respecting Master and the Fa. I would like to share my understanding about this subject from another perspective.

In my local Fa-study group, some practitioners read the Fa so quickly and without pause that fellow practitioners sometimes cannot understand what they are reading. They often miss or add words, but other practitioners have no opportunity to point them out. Some practitioners use exaggerated tones to read the Fa.

We all know that the Fa is law of the universe. We cannot use human language to describe the holiness of the Fa. It is important for practitioners to concentrate solely on the Fa when they read it. We can tell the state of practitioners' minds when they read the Fa and must take it seriously. It is not important as to how many pages one reads. What matters is how much one learns and understands. We should not read the Fa simply because we need to read the Fa.

We all know that each word and punctuation mark in Zhuan Falun is the image of Master's Fashen. So what can we say when practitioners add or miss a word when they read the Fa? Is this not disrespectful of the Fa? Why does this happen? Is it because of interference? In that case, if we do not eliminate the interference, we are assisting the evil.

I am not blaming anyone. I just worry when I come across this phenomenon in our Fa-study group. I communicated with the practitioners who read too quickly, but they did not change.

Please correct me if I said anything inappropriate.