(Minghui.org) I tell everyone that my family owes its happiness to benefits received from Falun Dafa.

Desperate Family Situation

My husband was diagnosed with an inflammation of the inner lining of the colon and he had a lump on the left side of his lower abdomen a year after we got married. We tried Chinese and Western medicine, but nothing helped. His health deteriorated and he could no longer work.

My brother-in-law did not work and was not pleasant to be around. My father-in-law had a head injury, developed bleeding in his brain and died within three days. There was much more misfortune that my family suffered.

I lost my parents as a child and I have to now settle for such a family! I was at the end of my rope and considered suicide.

Benefiting from Falun Dafa

Shortly after we had a child, my husband started to practice Falun Dafa. Without any medical treatment, my husband was in good health within four months. His attitude changed and he could work again.

I was shocked by the changes in him. I went to the Falun Dafa practice site with my baby in my arms. I felt the harmony among practitioners and also began to practice Dafa.

My brother-in-law changed for the better and it was no longer unpleasant to be around him.

Our child once ran a very high fever. She did not drink milk for two days. We played the Falun Dafa lecture recordings and she was fine on the third day. Having seen all that, our family supported us practicing Dafa.

“We Hire Falun Dafa Practitioners Regardless of Age”

My husband was hit on the head with a very large piece of stone in 2002. A cat scan showed a skull fracture, his facial nerve was damaged and his ear bone was cracked. There was bleeding between the skull and the scalp and the doctors advised a craniotomy, during which they would cut open a section of the skull. However, they needed my consent and I refused.

I believed that Dafa would save my husband. I told the doctor, “Without the protection of Falun Dafa, my husband would have died.”

My husband firmly believed in Dafa and we signed the consent form, refusing the surgery. We took full responsibility for our decision.

My husband read the Falun Dafa books and sent righteous thoughts. He did the first and the third Dafa exercises on the evening of the first day. On the second day he could go to the restroom by himself.

The doctor in charge said he had never witnessed a recovery like that in his many years of clinical practice. Patients in that ward were amazed and wanted to learn Falun Dafa.

The head of the coal mine said, “We will hire Falun Dafa practitioners regardless of their age.” Coal mines generally do not hire anyone above 45 years old.

One of the supervisors said he did not previously support Falun Dafa, but after witnessing my husband's recovery, he was no longer against it.

My husband said that when he was hit on the head, his first thought was: “Master [the founder of Falun Dafa], please save me. I did not do well, but I want to cultivate.”