(Minghui.org) My daughter and I were on the brink of suicide. However, I believe that Falun Dafa has truly saved us, and our home is now once again filled with joy and laughter.

I used to have many health problems. I went to many doctors, had injections, and took medication all the time. I quarreled with my husband a lot. I was miserable and often felt like I wanted to end my life.

At the young age of 19 my daughter was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Our financial situation was not good and now we had to spend tens of thousands of yuan on her medical expenses. She just got worse.

My daughter was in a lot of pain. Her muscles shrank and her joints started to dislocate. She couldn't sleep because of the pain. She became emaciated and lost her strength. At times she confessed to me that the pain was so unbearable she wanted to die. Her thoughts were on suicide.

I was already suffering with my own poor health, and now my heart was broken seeing her suffering. I often cried, but I had to put on a brave face and take care of her the best I could. Our whole family was struggling.

In 1996 a friend came to visit and told us that Falun Dafa had amazing health benefits. She said that if we practiced the exercises and tried to be good, we could recover our health. She encouraged us to practice it.

My daughter and I were very interested. My friend began to teach us the exercise movements. My daughter couldn't stand up so she sat on her bed. She watched us do the exercises and in her mind she imagined herself doing them with us.

My friend and I practiced the exercises every morning and every evening. While doing the second exercise on the 9th day, I could sense what I believe to be Master's law body placing a qi mechanism in my right leg. This increased my confidence in Falun Dafa tremendously. My daughter continued to be very serious about learning the exercises.

Just a month later, I was illness free and no longer in pain. Master purified my body. I felt light and could easily walk even a long distance.

I studied the Falun Dafa books and read them out loud to my daughter. Master teaches us that we should look within and let go of attachments when we have conflicts. Master talked about the principle of transforming karma and virture.

I continued to read the books more and as I did, my mind expanded. I was changing in many ways. I no longer fought with my husband. Others noticed and complimented me on both my looks and health. Many said I looked radiant.

I am convinced that it is Falun Dafa that has changed me completely for the better. It is amazing. I am very thankful to Master.

My daughter was very attentive when she listened to me read the books to her. She practiced the sitting meditation. Within 15 days she started to regain her strength. She was able to move slowly after three weeks. A month after she began she was standing for 3 or 4 minutes at a time. She slowly gained weight, her strength increased, and then she could stand for 10 minutes. After four months she could walk by herself!

This was truly a miracle. My daughter was so excited. Falun Dafa gave her back her life and gave her hope.

Falun Dafa saved my daughter and my whole family. Our home was again filled with joy.