(Minghui.org) The group environment has played a critical role in the improvement of our local group as one body. Group Fa study, sending righteous thoughts, and activities during which we tell people about Falun Dafa are all essential parts of our collective environment.

Group Fa Study Guarantees a Stable Environment

Our local Fa study group was established in October 2003. Over the past more than 10 years, we have grown to over 20 practitioners and have formed 6 groups. We treat everyone as a fellow practitioner and our closest family member. The group study has provided a solid foundation and is the reason for our stable cultivation environment.

One of the practitioners, a woman in her 70's, as well as others, have group Fa-study at their homes. This practitioner is sincere and selfless, treats everyone as family and is the local coordinator of her area.

She hosts Fa study in the morning and at night every day. At the group study, practitioners will hear the most recent news and discuss local activities.

Every practitioner has benefited a lot from the group environment. The stable Fa study environment has enabled us to form a cohesive group and allows us to do everything that a practitioner should do in a more coordinated way.

Dafa Banners Destroy Evil

Local practitioners put up hundreds of banners with information about Dafa in the city in 2003.

One night we had very low visibility when a heavy fog blanketed the area. We were grateful to Master for arranging such a perfect situation. Fellow practitioners hung a banner on the tallest building in the city center.

Some elderly practitioners hung a banner outside the fifth floor of a building. As they put up the frozen banner, which was to thaw slowly and unfold gradually, it opened with a loud noise instead!

Four practitioners in their 60's went to a faraway detention center where fellow practitioners were detained and successfully hung a banner on a wall next to the facility.

We usually went out at dusk and returned home at around midnight. We put up over one hundred banners one night. The information on the banners was handwritten by fellow practitioners and one of the banners reading “Falun Dafa is Good” still hangs after more than 10 years.

Group Righteous Thoughts Proven to Be Powerful

I remember the first time we sent righteous thoughts near a prison. A young practitioner in our group seemed hesitant. He had just been released from a detention center, but he overcame his fear and decided to participate. He had a vision of Master sitting on a lotus flower, and shared this with fellow practitioners. This greatly encouraged the practitioners, who kept up sending righteous thoughts near prisons, labor camps, and brainwashing centers, day and night, no matter the weather.

Many practitioners drove to a prison in a faraway city to send righteous thoughts. While there, it started to snow heavily and the prison was surrounded by dark clouds. Yet, it did not snow around our vehicle. Not long after, the prison was closed down.

Over the past few years, we have gone to the local prison, labor camp, detention center, brainwashing center and police department and sent righteous thoughts. The number of practitioners involved has grown over the years, and so has the collective power and strength of our righteous thoughts.

One particular practitioner was arrested and detained at a local detention center. Some practitioners went with her family to the police station to demand her release. Others wrote letters and made phone calls to local authorities. Some sent righteous thoughts at a close distance. The detained practitioner's family went to the police station almost every day for one-and-a-half months. Many practitioners gathered nearby and sent righteous thoughts. This practitioner was eventually released.

Telling the Police About Falun Gong

Most of our local practitioners are elderly people. After reading Zhuan Falun in the morning, they go out to distribute Dafa materials and make phone calls to tell people about Dafa. They can persuade up to 60 people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations on a daily basis. They tell people that the end of the CCP is near and only if they no longer are a CCP member will they not go down with it.

Two practitioners were reported to the authorities for talking to people about Falun Dafa. They were arrested by local policemen, who had not participated in the persecution of practitioners in the past. The two practitioners talked to the officers about Falun Dafa, and three of them quit the CCP. The police chief was amazed to see many practitioners in the station's courtyard demanding the release of the practitioners. He eventually released them.

There was a large gathering at the entrance of the local district government compound. Practitioners learned that these people were there to demand compensation for the land they were forced to sell to the government. The practitioners told these people the history of the CCP, the crimes it has committed against the Chinese people, and why quitting the CCP is the only hope to eliminate the CCP's influence and secure a bright future. Some indeed quit the CCP.

As there were many policemen in uniform and in plainclothes, some practitioners sent righteous thoughts to eliminate potential interference. One practitioner saw a police officer walking toward the crowd while talking on his cell phone. The practitioner immediately sent righteous thoughts to stop him from interfering.

Another practitioner handed this policeman a flyer. When asked about the danger this posed, the practitioner said, “I thought that the policeman deserves even more of our effort, so that he would do the right thing.”

Such a simple and pure-hearted answer! The practitioner gave up concern for her own safety because she wanted to help the policeman understand the facts about Dafa.