(Minghui.org) Shen Yun Performing Arts completed over 60 shows from March 2 to April 12 in 15 states across America, from Oregon in the west to Florida in the east. Theatergoers expressed appreciation for the Shen Yun artists' talent and dedication in bringing traditional cultural values to life.

Former President of Orchestra: “Soothing” and “Comforting”

Robert Coons, former president of the board of directors of the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra

“Seeing this type of mixed-media presentation—absolutely outstanding!” said Robert Coons, former president of the board of directors of the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra, after attending the show on March 8 in Chicago.

“You feel the life of the person back centuries ago, you feel that life as you hear the music, as you hear the story, as you basically see the stories … but you can feel the life as it was and as they hope it would be,” Mr. Coons commented.

He was impressed by the skills of the performers, “The skill level is right up there at the top with the best professional people...They were so much in-sync. They were synchronized very, very beautifully. I love that.”

He also enjoyed the music, noting, “The orchestration is beautiful music, beautiful sound, soothing to the ear, [and] comforting.”

“They handle that challenge very well because it’s very pleasing to us, very pleasing to the ear. It is not dissonant,” Mr. Coons said of the combination of Chinese and Western instruments.

“There was a joy there, almost like a resurrection,” he said, defining his experience.

Mr. Coons said that the voice range of the soprano was amazing. “It was beautiful,” he said. “She carried the song so well, you could feel her emotion in it. I sense that emotion as she was singing through. And her range at the end is just beautiful,” he concluded.

Dance Director: “Everything is Just Incredible!”

Larry Rayburn, Director of Production for the Orlando Ballet

“I was expecting to be pleased, but it’s beyond [pleasing]—it’s amazing!” said Larry Rayburn, Director of Production for the Orlando Ballet, after seeing the performance on March 27 in Orlando, Florida.

“The detail, the work of the video [digital backdrops], the dances… the choreography. Everything is just incredible. It’s amazing!” Mr. Rayburn said. “There are all different emotions in every piece!”

“It’s very emotional, and it’s a lot of traditional culture. The dance is the most professional dance. … It’s very, very impressive, professional, tight. The corps is all together. It’s incredibly professional!”

Former Manager of Boeing: Brings Traditional Values to Life

Former manager of Boeing Company, Jim Aigner

“I love Shen Yun,” said Jim Aigner, former manager of Boeing Company. He was a returning audience member at the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall in Seattle. He said that he first saw Shen Yun three years ago.

Mr. Aigner was especially impressed by the story, Power of Compassion, where Falun Gong practitioners in China respond to injustice and brutal persecution with compassion. He said that Falun Gong practitioners have made a lot of effort in reviving the traditional Chinese culture.

Engineer: Preserving Culture Through Touching Stories

Engineer Rob Beach and his wife Judy Beach enjoyed Shen Yun in Seattle

Rob Beach, an engineer with Boeing, commented that Shen Yun Performing Arts has many talented and dedicated artists. He said that he learned a lot about Chinese history through the show.

Mr. Beach felt that every part of the performance displayed excellent skill and coordination. He also enjoyed the variety of the content in the programs.

Mr. Beach said that he deeply appreciated Shen Yun's efforts to preserve traditional Chinese culture, especially since the communist regime has destroyed traditional culture over the past 60 years. He pointed out that the stories depicted in the performance really touch one's heart.

Spreading Messages of Love and Compassion

Diego Martinez Buenahora, a consul with the Consulate General of Colombia in Miami

Diego Martinez Buenahora, a consul with the Consulate General of Colombia in Miami, thought the show was beautiful and outstanding. He felt fortunate to be able to see Shen Yun and hopes it will perform in China some day.

Mr. Buenahora highlighted the strong message of compassion in his comments about the show.

Lowell Senitz and Sally Senitz, founders of Wings of Shelter Int'l in Florida

Mr. Lowell Senitz and Mrs. Sally Senitz, founders of Wings of Shelter Int'l, appreciated Shen Yun's method of helping the world learn about Chinese culture through peaceful music, dance, and touching stories.

Mr. Senitz believed that the Shen Yun dancers demonstrated the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance through various emotions, including joy and sorrow.

Political leaders in New Jersey who sent out best wishes to Shen Yun. Top, from left to right: Governor Chris Christie, Senator Robert Menendez, Senator Cory Booker, House Member Donald Payne, Jr., and Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr.. Bottom, from left to right: state Senator Richard Codey, state House Member John McKeon, state House Member Mila Jasey, Mayor of Newark Ras Baraka, and member of Municipal Council of Newark, Mildred C. Crump.

Shen Yun will continue its tour of the United States with shows in Providence, RI on April 17-18, West Palm Beach, FL on April 21 - 22, and Pittsburgh, PA on April 25 – 26. For more information on tickets and dates, please visit http://shenyun.com.