(Minghui.org) Ms. Dai Zhenyun of Inner Mongolia received her illegal sentence of four years at a local detention center on March 27, 2015, for her belief in Falun Gong. Yet the court didn't give her family or lawyer a copy.

The appeal period is 10 days according to the Chinese law. The court refused to mail Ms. Dai's lawyer a copy, but asked the lawyer to obtain it in person. This delay in process cost Ms. Dai to lose four days out of the 10-day window to appeal for her sentence.

Ms. Dai, 48, has been repeatedly arrested over the last 10 years. The most recent arrest occurred on December 29, 2014. A Songshan District Procuratorate officer deceived her into going there, and then arrested her. Songshan District Court tried Ms. Dai on January 16, 2015. When she argued that the Chinese Communist Party members present should leave the court room, the hearing was adjourned. She was tried again on March 19, 2015.

Parties responsible for persecuting Ms. Dai at Songshan District Court:

Dong Deyi (董德义), president: +86-476-8466556 (office), +86-476-8479001 (office), +86-13947600258 (cell)Guo Chang (郭昌): +86-476-8479002 (office), +86-18804768889 (cell)Zhang Xiuling (张秀玲): +86-476-8479012 (office), +86-15904761519 (cell)Wang Zhaohua (王兆华), leading judge: +86-13904768389 (cell)Li Qingshan (李青山), political office: +86-476-8479032 (office), +86-13674800866(cell)Zhang Shuwen (张树文), trial management office: +86-476-8479052 (office), +86-13847644764 (cell)

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