(Minghui.org) I have been happily free of illness in my 17 years of practicing Falun Gong. However, in the past 15 years of the persecution, I was traumatized and felt lost for a period of time.

Nevertheless, I have held onto my faith in Master and Dafa and overcame many challenges.

Confronting the Persecutors

A Domestic Security Division officer brought a newly appointed director of the police station to my house one morning. I was on the second floor and saw them knocking at my door. Refusing to be intimidated this time, I decided I would openly and nobly talk to them about Falun Gong and the persecution. I spoke to them loudly from my window.

The officer seemed nervous and said, “The newly appointed director wishes to see you for his records for future reference. Please open the door.”

I knew that the director's new position involved arresting practitioners. I replied, “I am simply following Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a better person. There is nothing wrong with doing so. For your own good, please do not participate in the persecution of Falun Gong. Please leave.”

They left quickly, as they were afraid of people gathering around to watch.

I made a call to that newly appointed director that afternoon and told him, “Today is my son's birthday. Do you know how much terror you caused my family with your visit? If you came to my house out of goodwill, my child would have greeted you and I would have welcomed you warmly. Think about it, who has caused us to react this way [upon seeing police]? For your own good, I urge you not to participate in the persecution of Falun Gong.”

He apologized many times. He never came to our home to harass us again.

Prevailing After 16-Hour Siege

A group of police officers knocked at my door at 6 a.m. one morning in May 2011. My husband, who is not a practitioner, was sleeping and two other practitioners were there at our home. The police shouted for my husband to open the door.

We ignored them. The two practitioners and I started sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all factors that are not righteous while my husband went on sleeping.

By noon I started to think of ways to help the practitioners escape to avoid possible arrest. I walked up to the rooftop and walked down to my neighbor's house to discuss a plan.

As I had previously told my neighbors about the persecution of Falun Gong and helped them quit the Chinese Communist Party, they were willing to help the practitioners and my husband leave through their backyard.

I stayed in our house. I knew clearly that the safest way to resolve this was to believe in Master and to look within. I started recalling my recent activities and mental state, and I realized that a negative thought of mine had attracted trouble.

I had been making Dafa books without others' help for the previous few days. Since I was juggling various tasks at the same time, I was unable to finish this particular book project by the expected time. Some practitioners who were waiting on me made inconsiderate remarks, which really annoyed me.

I lost my patience and blurted out, “Your words will bring trouble to me!” True enough, the police came knocking at my door.

I knew my own words had invited trouble, yet I blamed the other practitioners for it. I decided to send forth righteous thoughts and remove my various attachments.

I wrote a letter at night to persuade the police not to participate in the persecution. I opened the door quietly and pasted it outside. Meanwhile, the other practitioners were also sending forth righteous thoughts.

As time passed, my son-in-law (non-practitioner) saw the police changing duties frequently. They finally left at 11 p.m. With Master's protection and practitioners' help, the 16-hour siege ended without incident.

It was a lesson learned. Cultivation is a serious matter and I felt ashamed for my impulsive behavior that made me a vulnerable target for the old forces.

I have increased my righteous thoughts since then and stopped feeling impatient despite the heavy workload.

Studying the Fa more has allowed me to walk steadily to this day.