(Minghui.org) Negative thoughts can often appear uninvited. They are mental attitudes about life that make people veer from the positive. Moreover, negative thoughts can drain a person's energy and become stronger if one indulges in them.

Negative thoughts were part of my daily life before I practiced Falun Dafa and I did not want them to ever return. But, negative thoughts bothered me again after the onset of the persecution of Falun Dafa began.

Development of Negative Thoughts

I asked myself, “How did I develop negative thoughts in the first place?”

To a point, it seemed that it had something to do with my upbringing. My mother held negative thoughts. My father often came home late at night and my mother imagined that something bad must have happened. I panicked and imagined that a big tragedy had really happened.

This kind of negative thought pattern attacked me throughout childhood. My parents embraced and followed the Communist Party principles and we experienced many tribulations. Things that came easy to others were often a hard-to-achieve goals for my family. This reinforced my negative thoughts.

Fear of Losing Out

It is not important that this negative thinking formed based on my upbringing. However, it is of great importance to search for the root cause. I was certain that their must be a reason at a more fundamental level that caused my negative thoughts.

I think I can lay blame at the door of the old forces, which set up roadblocks to interfere with my cultivation. I cannot imagine that a rational everyday person could think as negative as I do. The old forces used this to persecute me through my mind.

In fact, what lies at the root of these thought patterns is fear and extreme selfishness. This pattern develops from fear of losing things that one cares about. After I started cultivation, I realized that it was not right to think like that. However, I did not pay much attention to it. Only until recently did I recognize the consequences that this thought pattern brings about.

Disintegrate Negative Thoughts—Assimilate to the Fa

Negative thoughts bring bad matter into one's dimensional field. If we hold negative thoughts about everything, do we not look for bad things and tribulations? What's more serious is that we do not measure things with the Fa, we let negative thoughts dominate our minds. We protect and nurture this thought pattern and forget to assimilate to the Fa. Is this cultivation?

It is difficult to let go of negative thoughts when one is immersed in them. However, to change, eliminate, and disintegrate this thought pattern is to negate the old forces' arrangement.

Furthermore, negative thoughts make it difficult to save sentient beings. For example, when a practitioner sees a suspicious car parked near his home, he or she might wonder if it is there to monitor him or her. The very first thought already pushes them to the opposite side of Dafa. The goal is indeed to ruin sentient beings and to add difficulties to the Fa-rectification process. This thought pattern can become one's second nature, serving as a vicious tool used by the old forces.

Negative thoughts may also bring bad matters to fellow practitioners. For example, on our way to a practitioner's home, we may wonder whether some agents are monitoring that practitioner's home. When we think like that, we are sending negative matter into that practitioner's dimensional field. This thought pattern may also transport energy to the evil and reinforce the evil. How terrible is that?

We are Dafa disciples. We should hold only righteous thoughts. How can we let negative thoughts manipulate our minds? We absolutely cannot let this issue affect us any longer, and we must eliminate and disintegrate it from the deepest microscopic level.