(Minghui.org) Mr. Liu stopped practicing Dafa when the persecution started on July 20, 1999. Each time I tried to persuade him to resume his cultivation, he agreed to it, but failed to follow through.

In September 2012, Mr. Liu was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer and ascites. His distended belly resembled that of a third-trimester pregnancy. After being hospitalized for over a month and spending over 10,000 yuan, he saw no improvement. Doctors told his family to let him “go home and eat whatever he wants,” and gave him three months to live.

When he persevered in practicing Dafa again, however, his terminal illness was gone in six months.

Making a Special Effort to Help Him

Seeing his deplorable condition, I told him to start practicing Dafa again. He regretted not listening to me in the past, but worried that Master might not be looking after him any longer.

I told him that as long as he truly practices, Master will take care of him. Master said,“I don’t want to leave behind even one single Dafa disciple…”(“In Fa-Rectification Your Thoughts Have to be Righteous, Not Human,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress VOL. III)

Mr. Liu smiled. I said, “Starting today, we'll study the Fa and do the exercises together.”

Every evening after work, I went to Mr. Liu’s home. He was very weak and could not complete the four standing exercises, especially the second exercise. I asked him to try hard to make it, but after a little while, he sat back down on the sofa. I said, “You have to keep going. You shouldn't sit down when you feel tired.” He said in tears, “You're not the one who is sick. I really can't do it.”

I realized that my tone was too harsh, and I was not looking at the situation from his perspective. I searched within and saw how judgmental and harsh my tone was. Later on, I tried to be more patient.

Not Giving Up

After one month, Mr. Liu could now do the four standing exercises, but his swollen legs made the sitting meditation difficult. When I had other commitments at night, I asked him to finish all five exercises on his own.

Once, I did not go over to his home for three nights in a row. The fourth night, I found him lying in bed. His crying wife told me that he had not gotten up for three days or eaten much. I shared understandings of the Fa principles with him and encouraged him to get up. He finally got up in pain and finished the first four exercises.

After that, I dared not stop going to his home. With Master’s support, nothing stopped me again from going there on time.

Weathering the Storm

After two months, Mr. Liu was able to finish all five exercises.

That winter was especially cold. One night, after we finished the exercises, it was already 11 p.m. When I left his home, I felt the chill and could not even open my eyes due to the strong snowstorm. I had to push my bike instead of riding it. It was pitch dark. I thought, “I have nothing to fear with Master’s help,” and kept reciting Master’s poem “Expedition” from Hong Yin II:

“Ten thousand miles I gallop, breaking demons’ battle arrayCutting down all dark minions, eliminating wicked deitiesI heed not their thick fog or the gale winds they whip aboutMountain rains en route wash off dust from the expedition”

The roads were covered with snow and ice, which posed a challenge for riding my bike to Mr. Liu’s house. When I arrived on time, the couple was pleasantly surprised. I said, “It was Master who helped me get here. We should all thank our benevolent Master!” On my way home, it snowed even more and was hard even to walk, let alone ride a bike, the two miles. However, it didn’t take me too much effort to get home.

Looking Within Myself

Three months after we began, Mr. Liu could now do the sitting meditation for 30 minutes. His condition and appetite both improved. However, my anxiety and self-validation surfaced. When I saw him bringing back a lot of medications after a hospital exam, I immediately scolded him, “Have you ever seen any doctor or medicine cure this kind of disease?” Mr. Liu said awkwardly, “I felt I actually did improve in my xinxing, but with such a bad disease, I’m afraid I can’t keep going without medicine…”

A practitioner shared on Minghui Weekly that every day, they merely studied the Fa and did the exercises with fellow practitioners who were going through sickness karma. They shared understandings about believing in Master and the Fa. They never mentioned medicine or going to doctors, to avoid adding additional pressure.

I realized that Master had arranged this opportunity for me to improve. Looking back on what Mr. Liu went through, I felt that he did upgrade his xinxing significantly. He even clarified the truth to others. He also shared with me that he never truly cultivated in the past, but now he indeed understands what Dafa is and that Master is saving sentient beings.

Full Recovery in Six Months

By the next spring, Mr. Liu’s distended belly had gone back to normal. An exam showed that he no longer had ascites. The doctor suggested getting a second opinion from another hospital, but Mr. Liu refused.

Once, while Mr. Liu was doing the second exercise, he thought, “Many practitioners said that when Master cleanses our bodies, we could feel it. Master, can you please let me feel it once?” With that thought, he immediately felt all of his sweat pores open up, just like how the sun shines in movies. This time, Mr. Liu truly felt it himself.