(Minghui.org) Every Falun Dafa practitioner is familiar with the term sickness karma, and it is often addressed in practitioners' experience sharing articles. Practitioners are aware that they have gone through many reincarnations that left karma to be dealt with lifetime after lifetime.

It is important how we understand and treat the issue of karma elimination.

Dafa's power can resolve karma elimination issues, including death. The key is whether a cultivator's thought is on the Fa or deals with it based on human notions, mainly those that are born of selfishness. Besides the aforementioned, when it comes to a person's life from birth to death, there are factors that come from the old force's arrangements.

Only by denying such arrangements can we negate them and return to the Fa-rectification cultivation arranged by Master.

Refusing to Discredit Dafa

I work in a pharmacy. A few years ago, the store offered free medical testing. When many customers surrounded me for a consultation, my heart felt as if it was being pulled backward out of my chest by a large hook. Among other symptoms, I could not breathe and felt very dizzy.

Despite the terrible discomfort, I thought that, as a practitioner, I could not discredit Dafa. My manager and colleagues knew that I was a practitioner, and they had all withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates. Therefore, I begged Master to help me, and at the same time I held the thought, “I am a disciple of Master and do not recognize or accept any other arrangements.”

I continued to answer customers' questions without displaying any of my discomfort. I did not waver or feel afraid. Instead, I felt steadfast with the thought that I believed in Master.

When I finished talking to the last customer, I had to hold onto the table so I could stay standing. I turned off the computer and took a step. Then I took a second step, and step by step I walked out of the store to the pharmacy next door, where my next project was waiting for me. It was very difficult. I was at the risk of falling, but I was very calm.

A fellow practitioner was at that pharmacy. She noticed that I was pale and my lips were bloodless. She asked if I was alright, which strengthened my righteous thoughts. At that point, the pain lessened, and after lunch I was back to my old self. I learned that, as long as we are within the Fa, nothing is a problem!

Not Acknowledging Discomfort

I felt a little faint and was in pain last summer. My fingertips and my face became numb. My first thought was, “I am a practitioner. Nothing is wrong with me and nothing can interfere with me.”

I decided that I had to continue acting as if nothing was wrong with me. I grabbed a broom to sweep the floor, and the numbness spread to my elbow. My tongue was a bit stiff when I spoke, but I continued to work. A fellow practitioner asked me what was wrong, and I said I was fine. I thought that telling someone about it was, itself, a kind of acceptance of the situation. If I asked her to help me send forth righteous thoughts, I would be denying my own abilities.

I then began to lose control of my left foot, but I still continued what I was doing. After half-an-hour my condition did not improve. I thought that nothing could persecute me, because I was a disciple of Master Li Hongzhi. Even if I did not cultivate well, it had nothing to do with this attack. I continued to work and chat with practitioners.

All the symptoms disappeared around noon.

I decided to discuss the incident with fellow practitioners, and I looked inward. I realized this was just a process of improving on my cultivation path.

Master said:

“Currently, whether it is karma elimination or interference from evil factors, that is all the work of the old forces. It’s all the same—they are just called different names. I am against all that the old forces do. I don’t accept any of it. And even less so should Dafa disciples be made to endure such suffering.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference”)

From the Fa we know Master does not accept the persecution, so we have to negate it. Not recognizing it means that the matter does not exist. Since Master did not make such arrangements for practitioners during the Fa-rectification, when the so-called "problem" appears, I only take Master's words as guidance.

I have experienced life and death tribulations, and they all passed. I am very grateful to Master. I think that only by conforming to the Fa standards is Master able to protect us.