(Minghui.org) I was struck on the head by a piece of iron that weighed 66 pounds (30kg). The iron fell from a truck due to my negligence. I do not know exactly what happened, but I saw my right forearm shaking uncontrollably.

The foreman gave a shout for my coworkers to help me. They picked me up and held a cloth against my bleeding forehead. Master had protected me.

When I realized that this was a test for me, I started to tell everyone that I was fine and not to worry. Although I felt no pain, my hands were a little numb, my left more so than my right, and my neck felt tight. I also felt numbness in my mouth. I thought that this was maybe due my coworkers pressing on me, so I leaned against a wire fence and felt better.

Someone called an ambulance, and I sat in the lotus position to send forth righteous thoughts. Because the accident happened at a construction site, the foreman said that I had to go in the ambulance and get an exam to complete the accident filing procedure.

The doctor in the emergency room examined my injury. The cut ran across my forehead and into the hairline. It was a large wound. The doctor thought that I should have a CT scan, but I told him I was fine and had just come to the hospital to complete the filing procedure. I signed the required document that allowed me to leave.

I talked about Falun Dafa to some of the hospital staff and also recited Master's Lunyu. I even practiced the fifth exercise for half-an-hour.

I asked a nurse if it wasn't amazing that, after being struck by a 66-pound piece of iron, I felt no pain. She agreed that it was.

I noticedd that the sides of my tongue were bruised when I returned home. My neck felt tight. It felt like needles pricking my skin when I touched it. These sensations were significantly less the next day as I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises. I know that Master protected me so that I maintained full function of my limbs.

I also looked within and enlightened that this happened because I had slackened in cultivation. Many of my attachments were not removed, and the old forces exploited my gaps. Master was compassionate toward me and gave me a chance to enlighten.

Thank you, Master, for protecting me. Only by catching up in my cultivation will I not disappoint Master's compassionate salvation.