(Minghui.org) “Time flies; another new year is arriving. We respectfully wish our Master a Happy Chinese New Year!” writes Falun Dafa practitioners from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in China (SAIC), “We will remember Master's guidance in the new year, study the Fa, improve our cultivation.”

On occasion of the most important Chinese holiday, sentiment of SAIC employees is shared by many practitioners in various industries.

Three retirees at a Fa study group in Jiangsu Province sent in their greetings, “We have practiced Dafa for 17 years... We will seize the time to study the Fa, take good care of our family and grandchildren, and outreach to more people to gather goodwill to end the persecution together.”

The industries in this report include chemical engineering, manufacturing, government agencies, telecommunications, oil and gas, utility, financial services, public health, transportation, aerospace and defense, and logistics.

Below are the greetings with images: