(Minghui.org) Five women were tried in Lanzhou, Gansu Province on January 15, 2015 for practicing Falun Gong.

When their families asked which laws their loved ones had broken, the prosecutor said, “Don't you know the government has been sentencing Falun Gong practitioners for a number of years now?”

The families then pressed the chief prosecutor over the illegality of the arrests and trial, but he only replied, “Are you saying the government has been wrong? Let me tell you this: The government's policy in dealing with Falun Gong practitioners is to arrest them quickly, prosecute them as soon as possible, and sentence them to prison.”

The five Falun Gong practitioners–Ms. Tu Yuchun, Ms. Wang Yurong, Ms. Jiao Lili, Ms. Meng Yurong, and Ms. Du Shuzhen–were tried by Chengguan District Court after being held for more than four months at the Lanzhou No. 1 Detention Center.

They were among twelve practitioners arrested by Lanzhou Police on September 15, 2014. In particular, Ms. Jiao was beaten in police custody and was in so much pain that she could not sleep.

Practitioner Ms. Dong Guohong Arrested and Detained

Another practitioner in Lanzhou, Ms. Dong Guohong, was tried separately.

Ms. Dong, 46, was arrested at a security checkpoint at Lanzhou Train Station on February 16, 2014. She was taken to Lanzhou No. 1 Detention Center and has been detained there for 11 months.

Perpetrators' Contact Information:Chengguan District Procuratorate of Lanzhou: +86-931-8236306Zheng Mingji (郑明姞), prosecutorChengguan District Court:Wei Gongxin (魏公信), president: +86-931-8522809Jin Jiyong (金济勇), deputy presidentLiu Bosen (刘保森), judgeLiu Dongyu (刘冬郁)
Zhang Ruiru, investigators (张瑞茹): +86-931-8522815