(Minghui.org) Master has long warned us in “Pursuing a Righteous Fa Course” (Hong Yin):

Supernormal capabilities are basically small tricks,Dafa is essential.

However, some of my local practitioners have been obsessed with their own or others' supernormal capabilities. They enjoy talking about what they see in other dimensions or from their previous lives. I'd like to point these things out as a reminder to fellow cultivators.

Circulating Experience-Sharing Articles about Other Dimensions

An article on what a practitioner saw in other dimensions was posted on the Zhengjian website. It caught so much attention in our area that at some large practice sites, every practitioner had a copy of this article. They studied it again and again and actively recommended it to other practitioners.

Regardless of whether what the author saw was real, I am very concerned about the enthusiasm that practitioners demonstrated towards this article. As practitioners, our priority is to study the Fa. Master also taught us to look inward. These are keys for our improvement. When encountering problems, many practitioners cannot 100% follow Master's teachings, nor 100% look inward, but they pay a lot of attention to what is said by practitioners who have supernormal abilities. Isn't this an attachment to supernormal abilities?

Even if the article is a good one, it is only the cultivation experience of one practitioner. Practitioners still need to put an emphasis on studying the Fa and looking inward to cultivate themselves. One cannot improve simply by studying an experience-sharing article again and again.

I think it's inappropriate for coordinators to distribute experience-sharing articles on a large scale. This could interfere with practitioners' cultivation paths arranged by Master.

Indulging in Learning about Previous Lives

Some practitioners like to talk about who they were in their previous lives, or who others were in their previous lives. I have also done that before. Looking back, I realized that this will arouse curiosity and attachments among practitioners, which also interfere with their cultivation.

A practitioner told me that she saw with her celestial eye that she used to be a general who was wronged. She grew angry and indignant while talking about it. Another practitioner said she committed a lot of crimes in her previous life. She felt very guilty and wept when she talked about it.

I believe that Master gave us supernormal abilities to eliminate evil and assist in the Fa rectification. We should not be attached to what we see with our celestial eyes, as it can bring about interference. Sometimes it is fine to help practitioners who are not diligent by telling them what we saw, but we cannot do this as a way of showing off. Nor should practitioners ask what others saw with their celestial eyes, because it encourages the latter to show off.

This is my understanding at my level. Please point out anything that is not in accordance with the Fa.