(Minghui.org) Chinese officials publicly announced their decision to abolish the notorious forced labor camp system on January 7, 2013, according to a December 2013 Amnesty International report. The report also pointed out that this system that had existed for about six decades has not changed its colors, only its identity.

For example, Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, one of the most notorious labor camps, was renamed by the Chinese Communist regime to Masanjia Ward of Liaoning Women's Prison. Most of the camp guards were retained and about 50 Falun Gong practitioners are unlawfully incarcerated in the Masanjia Ward today.

The practitioners perform forced labor daily. They cannot purchase daily necessities except for toilet paper. They must submit a “thought report” monthly, telling the officials what they think of Falun Gong, or their rights to family visits, purchasing necessities or making phone calls are revoked.

Practitioners' Ordeals

Mr. Li Piyun (李丕云) from Shenyang was incarcerated at Masanjia. He was tortured and on the verge of death within less than a year of imprisonment. To escape responsibility, the guards released him on medical parole. He died a month after his release at the age of 65.

The camp's officials refused family visits for Ms. Niu Guifang (牛桂芳) since May 2014, when she arrived at the camp. Her family exhausted all means just to talk to her on the phone. Ms. Niu said that she was in terrible physical health, “I need help just to climb the stairs.” She couldn't focus and remember things very well, and her eyesight has gone bad. Still, she has to work from early morning to 8 p.m. everyday at the prison workshop to make camouflage clothing.

Names of practitioners known to be imprisoned in Masanjia at this time include:Ms. Niu from ShenyangMs. Chen Yufeng (陈玉凤) from ShenyangMs. Chen Ying (陈莹) from ShenyangMs. Yin Hongmei (殷红梅) from DalianMs. Yan Jinhua (阎金华) from DalianMs. Sun Huiling (孙桂玲) from DandongMs. Qi Guoxin (齐国新) from JinzhouMs. Jiao Guizhen (矫桂珍) from YingkouMs. Yu Shuxian (于淑贤) from XinxianMs. Chi Xiuhua (池秀华) from XinxianMs. Wang Guihua (汪桂华) from XinxianMs. Shang Liping (尚丽萍) from XinxianMs.Yang Lihua (杨丽华) from FushunMs. Liu Dezhen (刘德珍) from AnshanMs. Zhou Yuzhen (周玉祯) from JinzhouMs. Xia Dongmei (夏冬梅) from JinzhouMs. Xu Huiping (徐慧萍) from Jinzhou