(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Liu Xiangge and Ms. Wang Shuyan, from Changchun in Northeastern China, have been kept in the dark about the development of their cases since their trials in May 2015.

The two women's trials were held back-to-back in the Kuancheng Court of Changchun City on May 28, 2015. In both cases Judge Dong Yihong adjourned the trials without issuing a verdict, because the two practitioners would not speak without their lawyers present. The court had not allowed the defense lawyers to attend the trials.

The two defense lawyers and the practitioners' family members have inquired about the cases many times since May, but have received no response from the court. They also complained about judge Dong Yihong not letting the lawyers attend the trials, but the court also did not respond to this complaint.

On October 26, 2015, the judge, Dong Yihong, called one of Liu Xiangge's family members and said the court needed to review the case on October 28. He promised to call the family member back after the discussion.

The lawyers went to the court on October 30, and asked to see Dong Yihong to follow up about the case. Dong Yihong told one of the lawyers over the phone that the result of the trial would be released soon. The lawyer asked Judge Dong how the case could be closed without a trial. Judge Dong would not answer the question, and hung up the phone. The lawyer continued calling him, but to no avail.

The lawyer then called Liu Fanmao, the head of the Criminal Investigation Tribunal, and asked why lawyers were allowed in the May trials. Liu told them he would ask Judge Dong to respond to the lawyer. The lawyer tried to call Judge Dong ten minutes later, but could not connect with him.

The family members and the two defense lawyers are requesting that the two practitioners be freed immediately. They are determined to continue their efforts.

Ms. Liu and Ms. Wang were arrested in October 2014, and have been held in the Changchun No. 4 Detention Center.

Contact information for the parties responsible for the arrests:Judge Dong Yihong (董屹红), from the Kuancheng Court of Changchun City: +86-139-0430-4136, +86-0431-88559124