(Minghui.org) My co-worker and office-mate accepted a finance position with our company in 2009. When I picked her up in a nearby city, I was shocked, because her face looked so familiar.

It did not take long before I told her about Falun Dafa and clarified the facts about that cultivation practice and the persecution to her. She was very understanding.

Attitude Affects Environment

She was divorced at a young age. She is very introverted, and when she gets angry, she just holds it in. But, when she speaks, it sounds quite harsh, and she looks to me a bit self-centered and opinionated. She also takes everything very seriously and argues over small things. She suffers from insomnia, frequent skin allergies, facial swelling, eczema, mouth ulcers, and stomach discomfort.

Whenever she is in a bad mood, it affects the environment around her, and it also affects me. However, I know that this is to help me improve, and thus I constantly remind myself to be patient. When she appears self-centered and opinionated, I also remind myself that I have this problem. At work and at home, I also frequently think that I am one hundred percent correct. Even though I do look within, I have not been able to genuinely let go of my attachments and face everything calmly.

Master has taught us the Fa principle that “the appearance stems from the mind.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting”)

My temper also affected my environment. So, I studied the Fa more to correct myself. When I compared myself to Master's Fa, I felt ashamed. I did not behave as a Falun Dafa practitioner, but more like an ordinary person. My dimension was not pure, and I did not try to understand her from her perspective. She took care of her child by herself for so many years, which must have been very difficult.

Predestined Relationship

In a dream, I realized that she was my mother in one of my prior lifetimes. That is such a major predestined relationship and the reason that she came into my life.

I often told her to remember “Falun Dafa is good.” I told her about the beauty of Dafa and how people practice it in many countries throughout the world. She likes to listen to stories about Dafa and talk about them. Her personality became much more open. She also frequently told me that reciting “Falun Dafa is good” has benefited her. As my xinxing improved, the overall environment in my area at work had become much more harmonious.

Fortunate to Get Dafa Books

She was fortunate to receive Dafa books in 2014, and she read all of Master's Fa teachings. She also learned the five exercises. For a while, she had hiccups whenever she picked up a Dafa book or did the exercises. That continued for over a month. She said her stomach felt much more comfortable after the hiccups. The eczema that had bothered her for many years did not recur. The swelling on her face disappeared, and she looked younger and prettier. All of our co-workers witnessed her changes.

She was very touched and said to me, “I got always angry. I tended to get angry too easily since I was a child, and my health was never good. But, I'm no longer angry. I can't imagine what I would be like without the Fa. The Fa is so incredible. Now I'm determined to continue with reading the Fa!”

“Last night I had a dream,” she told me one day. “In the dream, many people walked toward a gate, and you were already inside. But, the gate was about to close. So, I hurried, ran up a couple of steps, and was able to enter. Then, I saw a beautiful scene, just like on the stage of Shen Yun. It was so beautiful and miraculous.”

She has accepted Dafa and did not miss the opportunity that she had been waiting for hundreds of millions of years!

What I would like to say to fellow practitioners is that we must treasure the predestined people around us. They were all Master's past relatives and possibly our past relatives as well.