(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Gong during the qigong craze in 1998. I experienced a great feeling while watching my mother doing Falun Gong’s second exercise where she was holding her arms out as if encircling a Law Wheel.

I was suffering from tenosynovitis [tendon sheath inflammation] at the time. My back was swollen with a mass that just wouldn’t go away, resulting in pain in both my right arm and right leg. For that, I had been hospitalized for three years but didn’t get any better.

Two months after practicing Falun Gong, my disease disappeared. I went to my sister’s house and told her in great excitement, “I am cured! I started practicing Falun Gong and I am cured!” My sister witnessed my miraculous cure and also started practicing Falun Gong.

Many times during the early days of the persecution, I dreamed constantly of flying, but I couldn’t fly high and I would often burst into inexplicable tears.

In one of my dreams I was on my way home, but somehow I lost my two children. I was desperately calling out their names. The last train would be leaving soon, what would I do if my children were not found on time.

I sat down in front of the train and exhausted my physical strength to push against the car in hopes of blocking the train and keep it from moving. In my heart I knew I would do anything and give up everything for my children.

When I woke up from my dream, I suddenly realized my strong attachment to love of family and children. I was shocked.

Clarifying the Truth Without Fear

I sought out a fellow practitioner to seek advice on how to rid myself of my attachment to familial love and on how to talk to people about Falun Gong and the persecution without the attachment to fear.

The fellow practitioner brought me some self-sticking truth clarification posters.Due to tremendous initial fear, I walked around a residential building but succeeded to put up only one poster. The second time, I did three, then ten, then one hundred, until I felt completely at ease to put up as many as possible.

Practitioners had become much more mature by 2002. One night I went out with a fellow practitioner to distribute Falun Gong informational materials door to door.

It was a rainy day. There was a police van at almost every cross street. We were walking single file when a police officer from behind us suddenly shone a strong flashlight in our direction.

I called on Master in my heart to shield us. All at once the flashlight moved onto another direction. It was a narrow escape.

Later, the fellow practitioner told me she had also called out to Master to shield us. It seemed we worked together in harmony and even our hearts were in unison. So, Master kept us safe from harm.

Falun Gong informational materials had become increasingly diverse in 2003. We began to have leaflets, brochures, CDs, banners, and so on.

When we went to distant rural and mountainous districts to distribute materials house by house, there were times when we were unable to finish distributing everything by the end of the day. So, we would hide the materials among the bushes, stay the night with relatives close by, and return the next day to retrieve the materials and continue our job.

A fellow practitioner and I once went 100 miles away to distribute materials. It was about 4:00 p.m. and extremely hot, so we sat down in the cornfield for a little rest and spent the time reciting Dafa passages.

Around 7:00 p.m. when it cooled down somewhat, we started out and continued working through the night into early morning.

It was dark and the moon did not show up. A couple of times we would run into people standing in the shadows of their doorway without being aware of their presence. We ended up putting the materials directly into their hands, but we didn’t meet with rejection or any other problem.

Occasionally, dogs would bark. We didn’t want to cause any alarm or disturbance so we would tell the dogs not to make any noise because we were there to save people, and sure enough, the dogs would stop barking.

We knew it was Master watching over us and protecting us. Thank you, Master!

It was summer, the grass was very lush, the night was dark, and the roads were very uneven. We would accidentally step into a ditch here and there. Once, we were splashed with mud. But we trudged on, sending continuous righteous thoughts all along the way.

We worked from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., covering a distance of over 20 miles. We made sure that every household received truth clarification materials, CDs, pamphlets, and that all over the entire township we put up banners with messages about Falun Gong.

The next day, the township residents commented, “There must have been a carload of people, more than 20 of them, to do all that!”

For a decade, fellow practitioners and I have been spreading Dafa and distributing informational materials tirelessly and with deep joy in our hearts!

Rescuing a Fellow Practitioner from Persecution

Fellow practitioners and I had a discussion in October 2005, and decided to help rescue fellow practitioner Liu detained and suffering persecution in the local prison.

The practitioners along with Liu’s family members sent strong righteous thoughts before leaving for the local prison to carry out our rescue mission.

As soon as we got out of our car, we came face to face with the chief of the prison. We told him that we were there to take practitioner Liu home. He said we were dreaming and walked off.

It was raining lightly. We stood outside the prison gate and began to clarify the truth to the guards as well as to other people.

After a while, the guards said for us to come in out of the rain. We knew Master was again taking care of us and protecting us.

Once inside, we talked to people about Falun Gong and the persecution and asked their help in our rescue mission by speaking up for us.

We also talked to the prison chief regarding letting practitioner Liu go. He said he would seek advice from the Domestic Security Division and the Procuratorate.

We went through several rounds of negotiations. Finally, the prison chief agreed to release practitioner Liu, but said he couldn’t do it until after some red tape had been taken care of. He advised us to leave and wait at home.

In a little over 20 days, practitioner Liu was successfully rescued. He was released and returned home.

Clarifying the Truth at the Police Department

I once gave a Shen Yun Performing Arts CD to a domestic security police officer, saying to him, “I want to give you this CD that showcases traditional Chinese culture through classical dances. Take it home and enjoy!”

The security police grabbed my wrist and called for the patrol van that arrived in less than two minutes. I would not be intimidated and refused to get into the van, so, two policemen picked me up and threw me into the police van and we took off at a high speed.

I sent righteous thoughts and then I began to clarify the truth to the police calmly.All the way to the police department, I continued to send righteous thoughts while clarifying the truth.

When we arrived at the police department the police ordered me to go inside. I refused to budge, so they forced me into the building and dragged me into a room. When the police asked my name, I would not answer but continued to tell them the truth.

I thought, “Normally, on the outside I have to pay attention to safety, so I can’t always speak freely from my heart. Now, since I’m in here and right in the midst of evil and danger, I can and will go all out and say what I want to say without restraint.”

Two officers promptly agreed to renounce the Party and withdraw from all its affiliated organizations. Another officer brought out a registration form. I refused to cooperate. He started to write on the form himself. I noticed he wrote something about disturbing the peace.

I immediately said to him: “Our country’s Constitution allows us to have freedom of belief, freedom of speech, and of the press.” I then asked what kind of crime had I committed?”

I concluded, “I won’t sign this form. You shouldn’t sign it either. If you do, in the future, when Falun Gong is vindicated, your signature on this form will act as evidence of your involvement.” He left without further ado.

When the police forcibly took me to the hospital for a physical exam, I clarified the truth to the doctors and nurses, telling them the facts about Falun Gong, about the unjust persecution, the heinous organ harvesting of living Falun Gong practitioners for huge profits, and about the importance of renouncing the Party and withdrawing from its affiliated organizations for personal safety and peace.

The police then took me to the detention center. I continued to put on my best smile and tell the facts to each person I encountered.

Later, some guards would say to me when we ran into each other, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

None of the rules and regulations in the detention center had anything to do with me. So, I didn’t wear prison garb or shoes, and I wasn’t a bit afraid. I clarified the truth from early morning to 9:00 at night. While others slept, I would send righteous thoughts. I did my exercises everyday and followed what’s expected of me in accordance with Master’s requirements and I did my best.

After being detained for seven days, I was released. I walked out of the detention center with dignity and with my head held high.

From obtaining the Fa to now, Master has watched over me and protected me every step in my cultivation path. Master’s grace and compassion is immeasurable.

There is no words that can adequately express my profound gratitude. I will definitely strive to be more diligent and fulfill my prehistoric vow!