(Minghui.org) Greetings, esteemed Master!Greetings, fellow practitioners!

1. How I Obtained the Fa and Learning to Look Within

I am 13 years old and in sixth grade. I started to cultivate Dafa on September 6, 2011; that was the first time I voluntarily asked my mother if I could study the Fa with her. My mother was very happy to hear that, and since then, she and I would study the Fa together every day.

My mother taught me to recite “Self-Evident is the Heart” from Hong Yin Volume II. At that time, I did not know how to read the words, so I could only memorize the sounds by ear. We would recite the poem together when she picked me up from school and also before my bedtime. Little by little, I memorized it. Unfortunately, I did not continue to memorize the Fa after that.

Now, I attend the daily online Fa-study session for young disciples, and I am getting better and better each day. When I encountered conflicts at school, I would look within and respond according to the Fa. For example, after I was chosen for the 100-meter dash at school last year, I became arrogant and believed that I would definitely win. But I almost tripped at the starting line and only got second place.

This year, I was chosen for the 100-meter race again, and I still held the same attitude. During a practice race, there were three classmates who ran faster than I did. I was not satisfied, and asked for a rematch, but I ended with the same result.

After the class, I recalled what had happened and examined whether it had something to do with my attachments. Then I realized my shortcomings and many other attachments, like my competitive mentality, my pursuing fame, showing off, and my attachment to winning and being praised by other people. But that wasn't the last of it; I found that the deepest hidden attachment in my heart was jealousy. I was jealous of the classmates who ran faster than me.

When the teacher asked us to test again, I made up my mind to get rid of all other thoughts and just do my best. As a result, I got first place and even exceeded my own expectations.

Master said: “But true improvements come from letting go, not from gaining.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”)

I realized that when I gave up a lot of attachments, I could run faster.

A few days later, I shared this experience with fellow practitioners at group Fa study, and one of them kindly reminded me: “As a cultivator, we shouldn’t have these attachments. Our intentions are different from those of everyday people, who only want to fight for the first. We should do our best with our work. There are too many beings in the universe, and no matter how hard you tried, it is impossible to be number one in the universe.”

After that, I reached a deeper understanding. Thank you, fellow practitioners!

2. Rectifying Myself During Tests

During my cultivation process, I also encountered many conflicts and challenges. For example, I became addicted to playing computer games. I would sneak onto the computer when my mother was not at home, and I would tell my sister not to tell my mother about it, threatening that I would beat her up if she did. Soon, I was met with a series of mysterious computer problems, and couldn't use my computer at all. I became very sad. I felt so terrible for not being able to play computer games and even when I knew that I was doing wrong, I didn’t look within.

A few days later, I finally realized that I wasn’t being truthful, I wasn't compassionate when I threatened my sister, and I failed to follow forbearance when I lost my temper. Even now, I haven’t completely eliminated the desire for playing computer games. And occasionally, I still quarrel with my sister. I feel ashamed about it. After I shared this with fellow practitioners, I realized that I should use the computer for clarifying the truth instead of playing games. So now, I have learned to use the computer for truth-clarification and not games.

I would also fight over the TV with my sister. I didn’t let her watch her favorite program, but only cared about what I wanted to watch. When my mother scolded me for fighting with my sister, I would grow frustrated and lose my temper. At that moment, I didn't see that it was my demon-nature. Only after I calmed down did I realize my mistake.

Master said:“One’s Buddha-nature is Shan, and it manifests itself as compassion, thinking of others before acting, and the ability to endure suffering. One’s demon-nature is viciousness, and it manifests as killing, stealing and robbing, selfishness, wicked thoughts, sowing discord, stirring up troubles by spreading rumors, jealousy, wickedness, anger, laziness, incest and so on.” (“Buddha-Nature and Demon-Nature” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

I should always remind myself not to lose my temper.

Not long after I began my cultivation, I experienced severe sickness karma and suffered from fever, dizziness, and weakness. I still persisted in studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts with my mother. All the symptoms disappeared the next morning, and I went to school as usual.

Sometimes at school, I feel lonely and sad because no one understands me. Many kids think it's cool to use bad words or misbehave, and they don't get it why I have to be a good student. I only feel comfortable when I am with fellow practitioners.

Master said:“To quietly cultivate in bleak loneliness, unable to see hope, is the hardest of all. Doing any form of cultivation entails undergoing a trial such as this and a path with such features. Only if one can persevere and continually forge ahead does it amount to true diligence.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference”)

3. Clarifying the Truth

During one natural science class, the teacher talked about the recent news of “the dust explosion incident” at New Taipei City. There were many victims who needed skin grafting, and mainland China offered to export to Taiwan some skin from the dead. However, it was declined by the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare. I took this opportunity to tell my teacher and classmates the truth about the Chinese Communist Party's organ harvesting operation. They were all shocked.

After class, the teacher chatted with me about Falun Gong. I told her that Falun Gong practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She was puzzled by the persecution of such a good practice, and I explained that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) feared the ever-increasing popularity of the practice and has tried everything in its power (albeit in vain) to eradicate Falun Gong. I then brought up the staged Tiananmen self-immolation incident of 2001 and told her that the self-immolators there were not Falun Gong practitioners at all; instead, they were hired by the CCP to help frame Falun Gong.

She wondered how a middle-schooler like me would know so much, and I revealed that I myself am a Falun Gong practitioner. She said she hopes that the persecution can end as soon as possible, and also said, “Falun Dafa is Good” to me with a smile. Funnily enough, the weather was very beautiful that day, and I figured that it must have been my teacher's positive response that moved the heavens.

4. Getting Rid of Inadequacies and Keeping Up with the Progress of Fa-validation

I like the story The Journey to the West, and it's my favorite part in Shen Yun Performing Arts shows. From the four characters of the story, I realized that the Monkey King has powerful strength, but was too belligerent and arrogant; Pigsy was lazy, lustful, and never listened to others' advice; the Sand Monk was naive, but panicked easily; and the Tang Monk was a typical cultivator who had no superpowers (and couldn’t distinguish between true and false) but had firm belief. On their way, there were divine troops from heaven to protect them, otherwise their trip would have been even more difficult.

During our cultivation process, we have Heavenly Law-Guardians and divine troops from heaven to protect us as well. From the four characters in The Journey to the West, I found my inadequacies and the attachments that I need to get rid of. From the Monkey King, I saw my cleverness but also my arrogance and impatience; from Pigsy, I saw my laziness, and my refusal to listen to others; from the Sand Monk, I realized that I also panicked easily; and finally, the Tang Monk reminded me that I am also a cultivator, and I need to go through a lot of trials and tribulations to be able go back home with Master.

5. Promoting Shen Yun

My school principal already knew about Shen Yun when I tried to tell him about the show last year. He saw the promotional materials in my hand and said, "What a coincidence! I am also going to see Shen Yun this year."

This year, when my mom asked me to give the principal a new 2016 Shen Yun calendar, I didn’t want to right away. But the next day, the principal caught me passing his office and stopped me to ask if I wanted a 2016 calendar since he'd bought 10 copies. I replied that I already had one at home. He then told me that three other teachers promised to go to the show next year.

My mother suggested that I ask the principal if he could set up a 10-minute meeting for a Shen Yun promotion team to talk to the school faculty about the show. I checked with him the next day and he readily agreed. He felt that Shen Yun’s costumes, dance, and music are perfect, and that Shen Yun is truly a world-class show.

6. Conclusion

From the very beginning of my cultivation up until now, I think the most important thing that I've enlightened to is that I have to study the Fa more, do the three things well, and get rid of my inadequacies. Being brave enough to clarify the truth and to introduce Shen Yun to the world is also important. I’m truly grateful to our compassionate Master for paving everything along the path for me. He's made opportunities for me to clarify the truth at school and fulfill my prehistoric vows.

The above was just my understanding at a limited level. Please kindly point out anything inadequate. Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2015 Taiwan Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)