(Minghui.org) In a family of four generations living in my area, eight people practice Falun Dafa. The oldest practitioner is 90 years old, while the youngest is eight. Over the years, that family had many extraordinary experiences and shared some of them with me.

“Even an Unbeliever Would be Converted”

The oldest sister in that family was diagnosed with tuberculosis of the bones 10 years ago. Doctors proposed to surgically excise the affected tissue but could not guarantee that the procedure would cure her illness, so she did not undergo the surgery. She often came down with fevers, colds, and loss of appetite. Despite being only 50 years of age, she looked like a 70 year old.

The third sister suffered from lower back pain and could not sit or stand. Lying down brought some relief, although turning over was difficult. She suffered from insomnia and was frequently absent from work. The school administrators found it difficult to cope with her condition, and she decided to retire at the age of 50.

The fourth sister was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 18. By the age of 31, her condition had not improved.

A relative from Beijing came to visit in the fall of 1994 and told them, “There is a great qigong master who may be able to help you. He will give a class in your area.” The patriarch said, “Things that sound too good to be true must be fake!” Nevertheless, the three sisters were determined to attend the class.

The three sisters ran into Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) immediately upon arriving at the class. Master Li told them, “Now that we have met, you have returned to good health. However, you must cultivate steadfastly, or else your illness will recur.” Immediately, the three sisters felt that their bodies became incredibly comfortable and light.

The third sister stretched out her arm and showed it to her father that afternoon. All the sores and scars had disappeared. He was shocked and exclaimed, “You have encountered a god! Even an unbeliever would be converted.”

All three sisters began practicing Falun Dafa and continue to this day.

Doctor Stunned by Disappearance of Tumor

The third sister’s husband is a teacher. In the summer of 2006, he suddenly experienced physical discomfort, inability to eat, and general weakness. He was diagnosed with a tumor on his liver. However, only surgery could determine whether the tumor was benign or malignant. The day before the surgery, the surgeon had to reschedule the surgery for a week later.

The three sisters realized that this was Master Li’s way of telling them not to proceed with the surgery. They persuaded their brother-in-law to go home with them and read Zhuan Falun. They suggested that he may not even need surgery. Since their brother-in-law had heard of the recovery of the three sisters, he agreed to the suggestion.

After they read Zhuan Falun three times, the brother-in-law felt relaxed. They went back to the hospital for an exam. The doctor was shocked and asked how the tumor could have disappeared. The brother-in-law told him that he had not resorted to any medication, but only read Zhuan Falun three times.

The doctor was speechless. After a while, he mumbled, “Falun Dafa is so powerful and good. This government that forbids Dafa is going to be finished.” The third sister’s husband also began to practice Dafa.

“Divine Miracle”

The daughter-in-law of that family works in the government sector, and she is very supportive of her family's practice of Dafa. Due to her family and work commitments, she did not take up the practice herself. She suddenly came down with a fever in October 2012, and welts covered her swollen body. She was diagnosed with skin cancer and advised to undergo chemotherapy.

“I don't want chemotherapy. All I need is qigong with my mother-in-law and I will recover,” she said. She told the doctor that she would practice Falun Dafa and return to good health.

Once home, she read Zhuan Falun four times over five days. Her symptoms, and even her scars, disappeared.

The doctor was stunned when she came in for her exam. “How can such a wonderful thing exist in this world? Isn’t this a divine miracle?” he said.

The daughter-in-law started practicing Dafa, as well.

90-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Makes Full Recovery

After the three ill daughters recovered and were again in good health, their mother also started to practice Falun Dafa.

Their mother experienced severe shortness of breath in Autumn 2013, which left her unable to eat or sleep. Other practitioners came and read Dafa books to her. Although her condition improved, her symptoms recurred four or five hours later. Their brother, the only son in that family of nine children, did not believe in Dafa and wanted to take her to the hospital. He threatened that if anything should happen to her, he would not forgive them.

At the hospital, she refused all food. Her son searched far and wide for all kinds of delicious foods. But she told him that even the sight of food gave her nausea. She remained in the hospital for two weeks, listened to recordings of Master Li’s lectures, and was given intravenous injections. The entire extended family from far and wide gathered at her bedside.

Her eldest daughter said, “Mother, you have practiced Dafa for so many years. Do you believe in Master Li?" She replied, “How can I not believe in Master Li?”

Soon after she said that, she felt hungry. The relatives who did not practice Dafa had resigned themselves to her death. The doctors allowed her to drink only 30 milliliters of milk. However, she insisted that milk was not enough, and that she was hungry.

Her daughters brought a bowl of dumplings, and the grandmother ate all of it. The next day, she asked to be discharged from the hospital.

She is now 90 years old. She practices the exercises and reads Dafa books with her daughters every day. Her back pain is also gone. Now, she tells everyone about her recovery.