(Minghui.org) I would like to share my understandings on two serious issues that have recently caused me concern.

Not Paying Enough Attention to Safety

Some practitioners talk casually about Dafa projects and related work over the phone. Some even use ridiculously simple coded language, thinking that it is good enough to evade the authorities who tap our phones or monitor our computers.

I feel very heavy in my heart, because they divulge important information that can put practitioners' lives in danger. Maybe some practitioners think that the environment in China has improved because many officials involved in the persecution have been arrested in the “anti-corruption” campaign, so they think that we don't have to pay attention to safety. Other practitioners think that they have strong enough righteous thoughts, which can protect them.

However, I believe that this kind of behavior is irresponsible. We should not only cultivate ourselves well, but also be responsible to Dafa and fellow practitioners. If we don't do well, we may jeopardize the safety of others and ourselves. This kind of behavior creates opportunities for the old forces to interfere with us in saving people.

I have run into such situations many times recently.

A fellow practitioner called me and asked a sensitive question. I stopped him right away. I didn't know what he was thinking. I am a practitioner who the local police pay close attention to, and my phones have always been tapped.

Another time, I was at a practitioner's home. She was on the phone with another practitioner. I asked her not to talk about sensitive issues on the phone, and suggested that it would be better to talk face to face. But she didn't listen, and divulged all kinds of information on the phone.

I felt sad after I got home, and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the potential interference. The persecution has not stopped yet, so why have we become so lax in our behavior? What kinds of attachments are underlying this irrational behavior? Why can't we have the habit of being considerate of other practitioners and Dafa projects?

This situation is common among practitioners. Many police personnel are very experienced and skillful of getting information from us. The code languages we use are not safe, and have divulged important information to them.

Why do we have to talk on the phone when we should talk face to face? I sincerely hope that those practitioners can think about this issue carefully.

The consequences can be very serious if our careless behavior brings damage to other practitioners. Let's not unintentionally help the evil.

Coordinators' Attachments

I used to be a coordinator. Due to my attachments, my cultivation level dropped, and I was persecuted severely.

I have looked deeply at my human notions and realized that our cultivation level is not directly related to how many things we have done or how big those things were.

I have seen that some coordinators have gradually deviated from the Fa. They have done a lot of Fa-rectification work and have helped many practitioners; they feel proud of themselves and have developed strong attachments to fame.

As a result, they put themselves above other practitioners, become autocratic, refuse to listen to others, and cannot accept criticism through fear of losing face.

Some coordinators do not study the Fa often or with a calm heart. They pay attention only to doing things, but not to solid cultivation. Some of them even oppose the Minghui website and believe that everybody should listen to them.

These coordinators have become irrational due to their attachments to fame and self-interest. If a coordinator does not cultivate solidly and does not look inward, what would he or she bring to the fellow practitioners?

I believe such coordinators should step down and pay more attention to their own cultivation. A practitioner does not have to be a coordinator in order to validate the Fa. Joining any project that helps save people is validating the Fa.

If such coordinators do not improve their cultivation state, how can they be responsible for others? Also, fellow practitioners should not appease such coordinators or indulge in their attachments. Everybody should be responsible for the Fa. This is our responsibility.

Some practitioners do not use the Fa to measure one's behaviors, but extol and connive with such coordinators. Some practitioners who don't study the Fa or cultivate solidly have helped them indulge in their attachments. These behaviors have brought damage to Dafa, and will also drag those practitioners down.

The above are my understandings of two issues, which I believe have become serious. I hope that fellow practitioners will be more alert in the future.

Please correct me if there is anything inappropriate in my understandings.