(Minghui.org) Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performed the last concert of the season in Providence, Rhode Island on October 31. The performance ended with a long standing ovation and two encores, thus concluding the month-long, eleven-city tour in North America.

Aiming to revive the spirit and wisdom of the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, Shen Yun's original compositions depict various aspects of the heritage. The expressiveness of the East-and-West combined orchestra revitalizes both the spirituality and grandeur of the culture.

As conductor of Shen Yun, Milen Nachev, said in an interview, “We go deep inside the meaning of the music, even past the emotional side—most orchestras go to the emotional side, but we go beyond that—to illustrate the deeper meaning.” Many audience members could also sense and resonate with the messages in the music.

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performing at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence, RI on October 31

Curtain call of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra at the Boston Symphony Hall on October 21

“Spiritual”, “Compassionate”, and “Enthusiastic”

Lee Esckilsen, professor at Johnson & Wales University’s Center for Sports, Entertainment and Event Management

“Very spiritual, very compassionate, very enthusiastic...also very warm at times,” said Lee Esckilsen, a professor at Johnson & Wales University’s Center for Sports, Entertainment and Event Management.

Mr. Esckilsen also mentioned that he felt a tremendous amount of energy and love coming from the singing of the vocalists.

Retired Wealth Management Director: Hopeful and Beautiful

Frank Beyer(left), retired director of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, and Jill Green

Mr. Frank Beyer, a retired Merrill Lynch Wealth Management director, enjoyed the final piece, “The Power of Compassion,” which he felt was a story of hope. He could hear how the piece, dramatic at the beginning, transitioned into beauty, representing hope at the end.

Ms. Jill Green attended the concert with Mr. Beyer and she thought the concert was “joyful.”

“The first piece that opened almost brought tears to my eyes,” she said, of a piece titled “Following the Creator to Renew All Things.”

Project Manager: “They Speak to the Soul”

Howard Joseph, project manager at JP Morgan Chase

“They speak to the soul...It does take you away,” said Howard Joseph, a project manager at JP Morgan Chase.

Mr. Joseph said of the original compositions, “I think they’re beautiful. They are so creative.”

“You have to see it for yourself to really understand,” he said. “Being able to experience it is pretty special.”

“Special” and “Intriguing”

Emery Bresnick, director of University of Wisconsin-Madison Blood Research Program

“Very intriguing...It really seems to feed the soul,” said Emery Bresnick, director of University of Wisconsin-Madison Blood Research Program.

Mr. Bresnick said that there was “something special about this music.”

Company President: Speaking a Universal Language

Valan Martini, president of a private company

“This is something that is really, really special..You have to be here to experience it. It will change who you are,” said Valan Martini, the president of a private company.

“The music [is] the language that passes the reasoning mind and talks straight to the heart,” Mr. Martini said. “This is a way of speaking to the heart across the continents, across countries, across cultures.”

“Very Captivating” and “Very Uplifting”

Philanthropist Jerry White (right) with Jeanine White

“Very exciting...Very very enjoyable,” said philanthropist Jerry White. He said he could picture movies as he listened to the music.

Jeanine White accompanied Mr. White to the concert. She offered many high praises: “Very captivating, energetic. Very exciting. Very uplifting.”

Excerpts from the 2015 Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Performance

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performing selected music pieces from the 2015 Shen Yun Performing Arts show

Violin soloist Fiona Zheng playing “Gypsy Airs” by Pablo de Sarasate

Shen Yun Soprano Jiang Min

Shen Yun tenor Tian Ge

Shen Yun Soprano Geng Haolan

The 2016 season of Shen Yun Performing Arts begins on December 22 in Houston, TX. For more information on tickets and dates, please visit http://shenyun.com.