(Minghui.org) Six years back, I encountered a terrifying incident that is still fresh in my mind today.

I was living alone in eastern Zhejiang Province. One morning, my gas supply ran out and I called the gas company. After the delivery guy installed a new tank of gas and left, I tried to turn it on, but it didn't work. I called the gas company and was given instructions, but I still couldn't get it to work.

I tried again in the afternoon. On my third attempt, a powerful flame shot up and a wave of heat rushed towards me. My hair was singed and my face stung painfully.

The fire expanded and engulfed the things around it. I was shocked. There was no way to get near the gas supply to turn it off. I ran outside and shouted for help.

Soon, my neighbors came and called the fire department. While waiting for help to arrive, I tried to put out the fire by spraying water on my furniture when I heard an extremely loud bang.

It did not occur to me that the explosion came from my house. I only felt a little burning sensation on my face and hands.

The firefighters soon came and extinguished the fire.

Once they left, I saw that everything in my kitchen was destroyed. My neighbors saw that my head, face and hands were burned and urged me to go to the hospital, telling me that if I didn't, I would be disfigured.

I began to fear the worst, but I stopped and reminded myself that I practiced Falun Dafa. Nothing would happen that I could not overcome. I would recover.

I cleaned up the house when everyone left. I noticed that the glass in my kitchen was warped; an inch-wide crack caused by the explosion ran across the ceiling and walls. My neighbors later told me that the explosion was so strong that the whole building shook.

When night came, I decided to go out and get some dinner. As I stepped outside, the autumn wind hit my face and I felt my skin split. I felt liquid streaming down my face, but there was no pain. I rushed back inside, no longer feeling hungry.

I lay in bed, unable to fall asleep. I stared at the ceiling while my face and hands began to throb. A thought flashed in my mind, “What if I'm really disfigured? How am I going to live the rest of my life?” But then my firm faith emerged, knowing this to be a test, and I eliminated that negative thought.

The following day, I felt slightly dizzy and picked up a mirror to look at myself. Oh my! My face had turned black and my eyebrows were gone. My lips were covered with blisters. Both of my hands had turned slightly black too. Was this really happening to me? It didn't seem real.

I called my family and told them what happened. They were alarmed, but told me to stay calm and study the Fa, telling me that they would come see me that night.

I focused on studying Dafa books and endured my hunger and thirst that day. I kept my mind free of negative, fearful thoughts.

As the sky turned dark, my family came and were shocked to see my face. I saw tears in their eyes, but they assured me that everything would be fine.

In the next few days, I concentrated on studying the Fa and staying calm. Due to the burns, my skin was tight and felt like it was splitting. My lips were swollen and each time I ate something, I suffered excruciating pain. Gradually, the charred skin began falling off on its own and new skin grew in.

In a week, my face was restored to nearly its original state. My lips had also recovered. There were no signs of injury. Many people cannot believe that I was in such a terrible accident when they see my face now.

This further strengthened my faith in Falun Dafa and its amazing power.